‘Today, I found out the difference between a Jelvia and a human.’ #novelines #erotic #fiction #supernatural #spanking #nsfw #LPRTG #SSRTG #EARTG

‘Today, I found out the difference between a Jelvia and a human.’

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Macy Shaw is a Human—at odds with the world since her mother was murdered and burns with injustice at the world she sees around her. She’s a celebrity journalist and is tired of listening to shallow stories of the rich and famous. She wants a juicier story.

Narcifer is a Jelvia—a venomous warrior whose species see themselves as a slayer of Human criminals, but those Human criminals receive no jury or court case. They are just killed. Narcifer only knows that if he doesn’t kill criminals, he’ll kill innocents. The killing is a need. A want.

While the rest of the world sees the Jelvias as dangerous and in need of controlling, Macy sees them as heroes and decides to try and interview one for an article she wants to write.

She meets Narcifer.

Unfortunately, her boss and Narcifer’s boss have history.

And in a world which is against them, these star-crossed lovers find themselves unsure on who to trust.

Contains mature themes.

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For sci-fi romance lovers everywhere – Eden: ‘Before you give yourself to him, ask yourself what he did to become the last survivor of his race?’ #novellines @AmazngEbooks


Imagine yourself stranded alone with no communication means.
You’ve no shelter or food. Now imagine that place is another planet.
Then imagine you’re not so alone after all… 
(also available in other digital stores and in paperback)
As the only survivors, they rely only on one another. 
But events remind Jenny that the man she gave everything up for isn’t human, and the place she calls home, isn’t Earth – the concluding part to Eden: Hunted

(also available in other digital stores and coming soon in paperback)

You said you wanted more…

You got more!


and writing under the name of

T. E Kessler

(also available in other digital stores and coming soon in paperback)

What is your perfect man wasn’t human?

Jelvias have lived alongside humans since time began—or that’s what mankind once thought. Now they are waking up to the invisible technology that had fogged their brains.

Beasts. Devil spawn. Aliens. Venomous… are the words used to describe Jelvias. They execute criminals and judge beyond redemption.

Macy Shaw wants to prove there’s more to Jelvias than violent murderers but no one will listen to a small-time celebrity reporter such as her—then she catches the eye of her boss and he gives her the job of a lifetime:

Narcifer, the Jelvian Lothario, woo him, seduce him, get a story.

Macy will do anything to get that story…even if it risks losing her life.

She didn’t bank on losing her heart.

Book by T. E Kessler contain adult material and therefore recommended for the over 18 age group only.