Finding Heaven In The Dark: A Memoir About Discovering Life’s Meaning #spiritual #inspirational #memoir @WLIngramAuthor

Finding Heaven In The Dark: A Memoir About Discovering Life’s Meaning #spiritual #inspirational #memoir @WLIngramAuthor Continue reading

Energise your life! by @drdelmillers #nonfiction

The 7 Pillars of Positive Energy  Ignite Your Passions…Fuel Your Purpose Passion energizes.  Purpose motivates. Accelerate Your Personal Evolution Self-awareness leads to emotional maturity, which frees us to respond differently. Cultivate Physical Vitality Physical vitality expands our energy capacity. Become … Continue reading

‘Nearly everyone is subconsciously taking direction from previous life influences.’ #reincarnation #nonfic

A spiritual book from Kelly Wallace PAST LIFE EXPLORATION Nearly everyone on this planet is subconsciously making decisions and taking direction from previous life influences. Past life exploration can be helpful in discovering who you are as a soul. You … Continue reading

A book signing tip from the authors of Launch Out Into the Deep


Aaron L. Slaton and 
Acacia Beumer

The first edition of Launch Out
Into The Deep!
was completed around 2006. My sister set up a lot of local book
signings in the local metro Atlanta area, with hopes of getting the book
noticed and selling a good amount of copies.

I remember the first book signing
was at Barnes and Nobles. If I remember correctly, I think we almost sold all
of our books that day. We were unknown authors with a self-published book,
which makes the odds of any success with a traditional book signing very slim. It’s
hard to get anyone to look your way as they walk into the bookstore, let alone
sell any books. So what did we do that was so special on our first book signing?

We engaged the customers as they walked
into Barnes and Nobles.

Most of the customers who walk
into a bookstore already have an idea of what they are looking for, or at least
the genre of the book they have in mind. So, as far as they are concerned, you
are just another author out of the millions of unknown authors eager to have
their book on the New York Times Best Selling List.

Ask yourselves: 
  • What makes your book stand out from
    the millions of others books flooding the shelves of bookstores?
  • Why should they stop and pay
    attention to a book they have never heard of or seen?

Even though it was uncomfortable
at first, we made it a point to try and communicate with almost everyone that
walked in the store that day.

We even pointed out key chapters
in the book and let the customer walk around the store and continue reading the
book as they browsed through it.

A word of caution about this tip:
on some of our other book signings, some people left our books on the shelves
and we had to go behind them and collect the books.

Staying motivated with book
signings can be very tough, especially when you approach people and no one
seems interested. Remember to stay upbeat and don’t get discouraged. Even if
they are not interested at that time, let them know about your website, give
them your business card or postcard, and let them know about any future events
you have

Without a successful platform,
you can’t expect to sell hundreds of books at signings, but if you stay
positive and learn to engage potential customers, you might just increase your
book sales on your next signing.

Aaron L. Slaton, Co-author of Launch
Out Into The Deep!

Life is a journey that is encumbered with
pitfalls, cruel turns of fate, and the inescapable reality of death. How we
make our way throughout this journey is what really counts but sometimes it is
easy to lose our way and our faith. Launch Out into the Deep! is a
well written heart warming coming of age book. Launch Out Into The Deep! will
work wonders for your soul and alleviate any feelings of loneliness,
rebelliousness and even regret. 

It’s important to realize that the bible is not an easy read, and that where
books like these fit in – selecting certain Bible passages and references from
the Testaments along with engagingly written notes, and true experiences from
the writer and other people, to help us reflect on the Bible’s meaning and how
it is relevant to us today.

Launch Into The Deep!  has a very intelligent architecture: a short description of life’s
brutal lesson and the cool balm that Faith provides, followed by quotations
from the Holy Scripture. Lastly a soothing poem in rhyming verse provides the
apt closure to the episode. It’s like celestial music lending its rhythm and
cadence to the momentary turbulence of the cosmos.

Launch Into The Deep! is full of such tender moments of truth. This collection of life’s
practical and illuminating lessons about the grace of Jesus and power of Faith
will definitely endear it to the multitudes, who find teachings of the Bible
difficult to comprehend and relate to their own situations.

The topics discussed are contemporary and compelling; these are subjects that affect our world today and those for which people are seeking genuine guidance. Words reveal an understanding of the depth of emotions in our world, and explains situations through personal experiences. 

Yet, throughout the book, there is a solid and strong emphasis on the Word of God. The gap between the natural and the spiritual world has been bridged, and complete reliance on the power of God brings a taste of heaven to some of today’s bitter situations: sexual promiscuity, peer pressure, disease and even crime are discussed with a bold and frank style. 

Readers will know there is nothing outside of God’s reach that He cannot restore and make right again. An added layer of spiritual enlightenment comes from the poems that accompany many of these essays. Intense and extremely insightful, the words of Aaron L. Slaton provide a strong commentary to his sister’s counsel. Encouraging, yet filled with many hard-hitting exhortations, this book speaks with a contemporary language and a timeless commitment to love and truth.

Website –

How to Find Humorous Inspiration

Betty Collier editor for a magazine in which I ran an ad to promote my book, Living Inside The Testimony, asked me to come up with “A HOOK” that she could use as the headline for the ad. She said it needed to be something “catchy” that would peak the curiosity of radio and TV producers.

This is what I came up with:

• I Became an Author Overnight, and I Remember the Exact Night it Happened
• How to Become a Best Selling Author Overnight
• When You Live Inside a Testimony, You Can’t See It
• Why Read a Book Written by Someone Who Never Wanted to Write One?
• Is it Luck or is it all Part of THE MASTER’S Plan?
• Is Your Life Part of a Master Plan?

She considered all these suggestions, but after she read the book for herself, this is the headline she created and used for the ad:

Marrying Your High School Sweetheart is Great: Until Your Kids are in High School
Don’t Miss this Woman’s Fun Advice About Life said all this, my point is simply that the book takes on so many different faces. It was written to be inspirational and encouraging, but it offers much more than that. It’s hard to categorize it only in the inspirational genre because it has so many other facets that are neatly tied together to flow very smoothly. The editor said she was definitely inspired, but felt the main thing I had been missing in my promotions was to stress the humorous side of the book also. She thought it was very funny, but also full of life, love, and faith. It has enough variety to appeal to the general population, whether you share my faith or not. If you read the book, you will see that my journey has been inspired by faith, hope, humor, romance, and a lot of love. As one reader told me, “It’s like being on a roller coaster. I didn’t know what to expect next. I was laughing on one page and crying on the next…This book is a masterpiece!”

Also I would like to mention what has resulted because of the ad I ran in the magazine. I guess the “hook” worked because the president of an internet radio station asked me to host a new talk show after he saw the ad. I was simply looking for avenues to discuss the book with radio and TV producers for possible interviews, and instead, I ended up with my own internet radio talk show. The show is called “Living Inside The Testimony” and can be heard at any time as play on demand or downloaded from A new show will post every 2 weeks, and you can always go to my website at to find the list of current and upcoming shows as well as the list of scheduled guests. Tune in and be inspired and encouraged to find the inspiration within yourself in a very fun and casual setting.

ABOUT THE SHOW: “Get ready to remember this name: LIVING INSIDE THE TESTIMONY. Your life is never going to be the same. Host Betty Collier and her guests live each and every day inside the testimony. They will help you discover the inspiration that lies within all of us and prepare you to share it with others. Hear incredible stories of faith, hope, humor, romance and love, offering a source of inspiration and encouragement. Join Betty on this truly incredible journey of faith as if you, too, have been touched by an angel.”
Also, I would like to offer a complimentary copy of my book to one of your readers. I will send a free book and tote bag to the first person who leaves a comment to say that they read this post on your blog. Please click on my facebook page, and leave a comment. The first person to do so will receive a free book and tote bag.

For more information about my book, please visit

Thank you very much for allowing me to guest blog on your site and thank you to all the readers who take time to read it.

Rev.David Smith on spirituality and druidry

Rev. David Smith is the author of two non-fiction books Honoring the Sacred Earth, A Path to Spiritual Awakening and Under the Expanse of Oaks: one on druidry and the other on spirituality. Both are geared towards beginners on their path towards enlightenment.
As a spiritual person he is a practicing Druid Priest, and member of many Druidic Organisations. He is interested in all forms of religion and spirituality, and hopes to share his knowledge through his books.
Under An Expanse of Oaks: A Druids Journey
Honoring the Sacred Earth: A Path to Spiritual Awakening

I asked Rev. Smith a few questions about his faith, his books and life in general:

Your full title is Rev. David P. Smith – a clergyman for the Christian Church – how can you be a druid? Isn’t that witchcraft?
Now that is a good question. Though used mainly by the Christian Faiths the title Reverend is often given to any ordained member of the clergy. I am ordained through the Ancient Order of Druid’s in America and their affiliation with the Universal Gnostic Church, as well as the Universal Life Church . Druidry can be a religion but to many it is a philosophy so there are most definitely Christian Druids. As for being Witchcraft, Druidry and Witchcraft do have similar roots but are not exactly the same. I am personally currently Pagan in my belief system.

Has druidry moved on since Merlin times?

Modern Druidry is quite different from the Druidry of the past and has a variety of groups, some which are Reconstructionist, some which are revivalist, and some which are mainly philosophical. The main modern Druid movements started as Masonic groups in the 1700’s, and have evolved into a spiritual movement since then. I myself am a member of a few of these organizations including the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids the Ancient Order of Druids in America and the Order of the Mithril Star
A main focus of Druids today is reconnecting with the natural world and practising sacred ecology.

Long robes at Stonehenge?
Indeed. When performing public rituals most Druids do wear long robes and yes Stonehenge is still viewed as a major sacred site among Druids.

A reverend is a vocation, so why or how did you become one? Was is entirely because of your belief?
I have felt called to serve others for most of my life. I became one through the Ancient Order of Druids in America.

What came first, your beliefs or your passion for writing?
Well I have enjoyed both my whole life. Which came first I don’t know.

Do you have the backing of the church for your books?
Not any particular church at this time.

This is a personal question because I can not understand “enlightenment”. What is this “enlightenment” that people search for?
It is inner peace. It is a view of the world that is not obscured by illusion and which one finds the truth of love and compassion in our lives. It definitely differs between individuals and is definitely a personal pursuit.

You have written two books. How do they differ from one another?
Well my first book was written predominantly for people, who wish to learn more about the druidic spiritual path or existing druids, and the second was written for everyone and the aim of it was to be non-denominational and help people start along their spiritual paths.

Are they both “how-to” books (offering guidance and info)?
Yes, they are but they both encourage you to find your path on your own.

Who is your publisher, and is that the publisher for both books? How did you find them?
My Publisher is Dreamz-Work Productions, LLC They are a small publisher out of Independence, MD. I found them by being lucky enough to know the CEO and have since signed on to help with the company.

Are you working on anything now?
I am working on a fiction with a co-author named Rosa Sophia whose first book Taking 1960 has recently become available and toying around with a few other non-fiction ideas.

Are you agented?
I currently act as my own agent.

Tell us a little about Honoring the Sacred Earth.
Honoring the Sacred Earth, A Path to Spiritual Awakening was basically written as a beginner’s book for the spiritual seeker. It is meant to augment any faith that you currently believe in and deepen your spiritual awakening and love of nature. It is filled with helpful prayers, meditations and exercises to help you to internalize the lessons it sets forth. It is aimed at those who wish to connect in a deeper way with their spiritual selves and their faiths, and are just starting on this path.

And Under the Expanse of Oaks?
Under an Expanse of Oaks, A Druid’s Journey is aimed at those who are interested in the modern Druidic movement. This too encompasses different exercises and meditations to help the ideas discussed within the books hit home. Again it is a book aimed at the beginner but I hope the more advanced student would also be able to take something out of it and its meditations.

Excerpts from both books can be found at my official author site and both books have the “look inside” feature at

Any final words?
I would like to thank you for taking the time to interview me, I am honored. I also wish to say that I hope that you and all your readers find whatever they seek in this life.

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