What’s Pinterest all about?

In short it’s a scrapbook for your favourite things. My favourite things are BOOKS!

Just share
your purchase link and genre in the comment section and I’ll do the rest!

If you have a WEBSITE that offers promotion for independent authors also let me know so I can add it to the board. 

Join my Indie library on Pinterest


Has anyone seen the potential of marketing via Pinterest? I have. It’s visual and it’s taking off very quickly. I can go anywhere on the web and “Pin It” (grab) a picture and stick it to a board, along with a short description, then I can Tweet, FB, LinkedIn the link as normal and when people click on the picture they are taken STRAIGHT TO THE PURCHASE PAGE of your book.

Never more is a book cover so important.

Want to be included? Email me your book’s purchase link and its genre. Here’s the Book Junkies link in full: http://pinterest.com/BookJunkies/

Open to small-press/indies only.

Update: Success! Authors have informed me sales have picked up since they’ve added their book on Book Junkies, and that to me, is success. It may have happened anyway, who knows? But it’s good to know there is a library for our growing niche community and it’s being viewed!