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What happens when a moody and bad-tempered ‘chick lit’ character is interviewed.

Character Interview
Valerie Anthrope from the novel The Fall of the Misanthrope: I bitch
therefore I am
Welcome, Valerie. How are you
I’m here aren’t I? *Looks at watch* Can we get on with it. I haven’t
all day.
Er, sure. Tell us about
yourself? Where were you born/grew up? Your background?
I’m twenty-six and I was born in North Finchley in London. I grew up
there too. I lived with my parents and brother until—
Until things started to go wrong. Oh, I suppose I should tell you. They
say it’s therapeutic talking about ones problems, don’t they? I was eight years
old, and Mum had always been neurotic, guess that’s where I get it from, and
when I was eight she had a baby. All was fine until we went to that funfair and
I met a witch *embarrassed cough*. Oh, I know she wasn’t a witch now, but tell that to an eight year old
Go on.
The witch told me that everyone I loved would die. I’d have forgotten
about it in time, I suppose, only that night Sean, my brother, died. My mum, as
I’d said, was already over-anxious and became obsessed with my heath after his
death. Dad had withdrawn, so I felt I was on my own. Imagine having your health
analysed all the time and vitamin tables wrapped up so they looked like sweet,
and then not being about to discuss it with anyone. That’s what it was like. But,
anyway, she committed suicide when I was sixteen, so—

You heard right. With hindsight, we should have seen it coming and got
her help, but that’s hindsight for you. Anyway, a week later my dad died. He
had a heart attack. Apparently, he had a bad heart, only I didn’t know that at
the time. He’d already had a heart attack when I younger.
So, you were on your own at
seventeen? What about other relatives?
There was only my nan. She sold her house and came to live with me, but
she was old and died a year later. I was a well-off eighteen year old! *Hollow
laugh*. But I’d have returned all the money to have my parents and brother
What did you do? How’d you cope?
I inherited my dad’s love for numbers and took an accountancy course at
college. He was a maths teacher, but I didn’t fancy teaching kids. *Shudders*.
In the end, I went into finance and ended up with my own brokerage with Sunny
Oak. Then I met a man, Matt, and fell in love.

Oh good! A happy ending!

No, I dumped him. He became too clingy. Truth of the matter is, I began
waking in the night for no reason. I was dreaming horrible things that woke me up,
yet I couldn’t remember what they were about, only that they terrified me. I
felt they were connected to Matt, somehow. I felt . . . doom. That’s the only
way I can describe it. So I dumped him.
Because of a nightmare?
Laughing at me? I knew you would. People think I’m crazy, and I probably
am. He had an accident on his motorbike, you see, and I’m convinced he survived because I finished with him.
Don’t you see? Everyone I love will die. The witch was right. That’s why I hold
myself so aloof from everyone. I can’t get too close. It’s too dangerous.
But that’s crazy! *Receiving
a dirty look* OK, let’s change the
subject. How is your brokerage doing?
Have you heard of Ladwick? It’s an up and coming retail store, and the
owner, Lex Kendal, has bought insurance off me. So, business is doing well,
thank you. He’s a bit of a playboy, always in the papers with some ditzy blonde
on his arm. Needs bringing down a peg or two if you ask me.
No romantic involvement?
No way!
He’s tried though?
He’s a flirt. The biggest flirt I’ve ever met, and I haven’t been
without the odd fling, so I know what I’m talking about. I just don’t get too
close. Keep everyone at arm’s length has become my motto. I think it was a
shock to his ego that I didn’t fall at his feet. Wish he’d take no for an
answer, though. He’s over-confident, arrogant, spoilt and, dammit, sexy!
You can read my full story in The
Fall of the Misanthrope: I bitch therefore I am
and my fall back into the real world. The Fall of the Misanthrope: I bitch I am
is cheaper than the energy pills I used to pop to keep me from sleeping and having nightmares.
Thanks for reading,

Valerie Anthrope

The Fall of the Misanthrope: I bitch, therefore I am
chick lit with BITE!
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‘I thought you were the type of man who could handle a one-night stand.’

Valerie Anthrope’s life is finally on track. She has a thriving business, money is no problem, and men, well, she’s a modern, cut-throat business woman and romantic entanglement isn’t for her, so she can take them or leave them.

Or so she tells herself, and anyone else who’ll listen.

But that’s the problem. There’s no one else who will listen. Those who get too close never live to tell the tale–literally.

Cursed or just unlucky?

Lex Kendal doesn’t care. He’s a rich playboy and can have any women he wants–and does. Until he meets Valerie, but then Valerie’s carefully rehearsed mask slips and reveals the dark side of chick lit.


I looked at him in what I hoped was a suggestive
tilt to my head. ‘You and I both know what that really means. So let’s cut the
bullshit, OK?’ I was a modern woman. I was in control, and I fancied the pants
off Lex Kendal. I’d have sounded pretty forceful except my words became a
little tangled, and his roguish grin widened.
‘Just how many Fuzzy Navels did you have, Miss
Anthrope?’ Before I knew it, he’d climbed out of the car and was at my side,
opening my door. He held out his hand to me. ‘You have a deal, Miss Anthrope,’
he said. His breathing had become deep. ‘You fancy me, I fancy you. Let’s get
the ball rolling, shall we? No crap.’
I stepped out of the car. I think now I was
certain of what I wanted – sex. I was in control. That was, after all, the
essence of me. We almost fell into my hallway, our hands roaming over each
other’s bodies.
‘You’re drunk.’ He broke away just enough to rest
his forehead against mine. ‘I brought you home so I could make love to you. But
I can’t take advantage of a drunken woman.’
‘I’m not drunk,’ I said, our lips centimetres
from each other. ‘Maybe tipsy, but not drunk.’ I pressed my body against his.
As long as I was in control, I felt safe. ‘We’re adults, Lex, and we both know
what the other wants.’
I felt powerful as his body began to tremble. I
flicked my tongue towards his mouth, and moved my hands down towards the buckle
on his belt. ‘Neither of us wants a relationship,’ I said. ‘Ours will be our
own private agreement.’
We struggled to the bedroom, then we were kissing
again. His hands under my dress; on my thighs; bum. His thumbs hooked over my
knickers and he began to ease them down, while his mouth nuzzled my neck.
We were adults; this was the right thing to do.
It felt like the right thing to do.
The bed squeaked beneath our weight.
Oh, God… too many Fuzzy Navels…

Character and author interview with Tory Richards’ erotic romance:

Instant Attraction
Tory Richards

Thomas is a motorcycle cop, new to the rural area. He needed a change from the hectic big city, and the pressures of being on the swat team. A little more peace and quiet to reflect on what he wants in life, and maybe find someone to share it with along the way.

He never expected to find his perfect match in the form of one sexy little animal activist. From the moment they meet their attraction is hot and out of control.

Julie is an animal lover and works at a no kill shelter. Living next door to the new cop in the area, she’s asked by someone at the small town hall to welcome him to the neighbourhood. When she meets Thomas for the very first time instant attraction causes the sparks to fly. And they can’t keep their hands off each other. The hot anywhere, any time sex is great but they both want more. Can instant attraction turn into love?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of anal sex.

What’s your background? What makes you you
Well, my name is Thomas and I was born and raised in Boston, where my parents and younger brother, Donald still live. He’s a fireman and my folks are veterinarians. After I returned from a stint in Iraq my Uncle Jack talked me into entering law enforcement. For a while I served on the SWAT team but decided I wanted a change of scenery. A place more laid back and peaceful, to be exact. So I picked up and moved to a rural area outside of Boston.

What is your main goal in life? 
(big sigh) I wasn’t sure until I met Julie. I mean, I know I wanted to meet someone I could share my life with. I thought I had in Boston but it turned out she only wanted fun and sex. Julie is different. I knew that the moment I looked into her eyes. So in answer to your question, my main goal in life is keeping her in mine. We’re good together. (he smiles)

How do you see yourself? 

I’m pretty easy going I guess. Family is important to me. And though I’ve always liked animals, Julie has turned me into an activist. I actually stopped to help Harriet, the resident pond turtle, cross the street the other day. That old girl is lucky she lives where we live.

What would be your biggest wish/desire? 
(he shrugs) Never gave it much thought. I’m pretty happy right now. If I have to put something into words I’m thinking it would have to be settling down and starting a family. And not because my folks are hounding me to.

There’s an elderly person and a young child each on a separate cliff top, each are going to fall/jump. Who’d you save (if any)? If both, how? If neither, why? 
You know I’m a cop, right? All I have to do is radio for help and both would be saved. (he smiles) There are no easy answers. If I was only able to save one, it would be the child. They still have their whole future ahead of them. They deserve a chance to live. Not saying the elderly person doesn’t deserve the same chance. But they’ve at least lived their life. And I would think the elderly person would want me to rescue the child, too.

Let’s meet the author Tory Richards: Hi Tory, how do you juggle a writing schedule?
That’s not as easy as I thought it would be once I retired from Disney. I live with my daughter’s family and that includes two grandchildren under the age of ten. Being that I make myself available to help out whenever I’m needed, my time is not all mine. I do get in some writing and promotional time during the afternoons and evenings. 

What/who do you draw inspiration from?
Inspiration can come from anything. A movie, a book I’m reading, a dream. Maybe a place or an incident. All it takes is a tiny thought, and from there a book is born. I went to Alaska in 2004 and the beauty of that place, our adventures, inspired me to write Someone to Love Me. The inspiration to write All the Right Moves came from an idea that it would be cool to have a mynah bird as a pet. Hence Harold, the heroine’s mynah bird was born and a plays a big part in the story.

How do you deal with bad reviews?
I remind myself that a bad review is only the opinion of one reader. Bad reviews happen to all of us. If I’m lucky enough to be given advice or positive feedback then I look at that as a good thing. I don’t take bad reviews personal but try to use them to make myself a better writer. I won’t spend my time trying to defend my writing to someone who didn’t like it because they’re entitled to their thoughts.

Promoting is something ALL authors struggle with. How are you managing yours?
I probably do more promotion than writing. It’s never ending and time consuming but a necessity if you want to get your name out there. It can also be expensive. I’m living on a self-imposed budget right now and spending time searching for sites that offer up free services. There’s tons of wonderful websites out there that offer both free and paid services so I’ve been lucky. And I’m always looking for something new. The key is keeping your name and titles out there.

What is your book about? Genre, theme, essence etc.
Instant Attraction is my first erotic romance with Total-E-Bound. It’s also my first interracial romance.

It’s the story about a motorcycle cop who leaves the big city and pressure of being on a SWAT Team and moves to a rural area. His objectives are finding a little peace in his life, and maybe find someone to share it with him. Then along comes a sweet animal activist and from the first time they meet they can’t keep their hands off each other.

Author Tory Richards.

In Tory’s own words: ‘I’m a grandma who likes to read and write smut. I am also a daughter, mother, sister, aunt, friend, and author. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. During most of my life it was just a hobby. It wasn’t until the encouragement of my family that I submitted to a publisher. Cupid’s Arrow, under my real name Debbie Wallace, was on the publisher’s best sellers list for two consecutive months.

‘I live in sunny Florida but was born in Maine. Any kind of sandwich is my preference, and I love chocolate, sweet iced tea and good coffee. Retired from Disney, and living with my daughter, her family and four cats, I spend my time between family, friends and writing. In that order.’

Click below for an Instant Attraction excerpt:

Julie was almost home when the sky opened up and released a torrent of rain, so thick it was blinding. She tapped on the brakes and slowed her PT Cruiser down. The winding road to her place was crudely paved, like a lot of country roads in the area. The shoulder of the road was nothing but a river of mud sliding over the slight embankment down into the retention ponds on both sides. She was aware that if she drifted over the line in these conditions she could easily end up in the water. She’d seen it happen before.
Arriving at the last sharp corner before her house, she slowed even more. A large oak tree growing too close to the road provided a blind spot. She didn’t want to take any chances that someone wasn’t coming from the other direction, driving down the middle of the road to avoid the excess water. Just as she turned the corner a dark, blurry something in the road caused her to slam on the brakes.

“Holy crap!” Her car skidded to a halt. She hadn’t felt any thump and knew she had managed to stop in time. Thoughts of Harriet, the old pond turtle, immediately came to mind. She’d been around for as long as Julie could remember, and was often seen crossing the road from one pond to the other.

Julie sat there for a moment and watched the rain splash against her windshield. At least her car was getting a good wash. She scooted up and tried to see over the hood but the rain impeded her vision. And her windows were fogging quickly. The only thing left to do was wait and give Harriet time to cross the street.

A flash in her rear-view mirror drew her attention. The light coming down the road indicated someone was moving up behind her. The fact that it was a single light confirmed it was a motorcycle, and it had to be her hunky new neighbour, the cop. He’d moved in a couple of weeks before. Julie hadn’t had the chance to take him a welcome basket yet, so the only thing she knew about him was that his name was Thomas Reevers. As he got closer, she realised he might try to go around her.

“Dang it!” Julie became concerned about Harriet. She couldn’t just sit there and let her get run over. It wouldn’t be the first time she’d had to rescue her in perilous conditions.

She quickly opened her door and got out. She was drenched before she’d even shut the door. Turning, she held her hand out and screamed, “Stop! Stop!” She couldn’t see who it was behind the visor, but her message got across because he slowed to a gradual stop. Julie rushed to the front of the car and glanced down. Harriet was moving like a snail, oblivious to the danger she was in.
Julie picked her up and slowly walked across the road with the intention of putting her down on the shoulder, and nudging her in the direction of the pond. As soon as she stepped onto the somewhat slimy shoulder she went down hard, releasing a high-pitched scream and just managing to hold on to Harriet. Landing on her back, Julie felt mud and water soak through her clothes. With the wind knocked out of her, she set the turtle down and remained where she was until she could catch her breath.

“Are you all right?”She glanced straight up to see the motorcycle rider standing over her. It was hard to tell from her position, but he appeared tall and well-built. His jeans were soaked, revealing thick thighs. His brown, bomber-style leather jacket glistened and looked old. His black helmet hid his features from the neck up.

Instant Attraction…coming March 2013