Macy Shaw begins the Jelvia Not Human series with Holding out for a Hero and at first there are no questions. Everything is normal in the world—even when Narcifer, a Jelvia, catches her eye. #scifi #fantasy #+18 #bookseries #bookexcerpt




Five years ago, lives and history altered when a collective illusion hit every person worldwide and the Jelvia: Not Human series unravels that illusion as people gradually ‘wake up’ to two species of people living on Earth: Jelvia and Human.

Each book in the series will have its own personal story to tell and we begin with Holding out for a Hero.

When Macy Shaw was twelve, her mum was murdered and with the killer dead, Macy is unable to find closure so it’s no surprise that as she grows, she becomes fascinated with Jelvian culture—a species that have lived alongside the human since time began, and since Jelvias have become known for vengeance killing, Macy has—some would say—an unhealthy interest.

Macy Shaw, now a journalist, follows a headline hitting story. She tracks and bags an interview with a Jelvia but what Macy doesn’t know is that it’s all engineered and she finds herself as a pawn in a dangerous game of chess.

Excerpt from

Holding out for a Hero

Chapter Fifteen

Macy tried to turn around to look at Narcifer, but his hands on her shoulders wouldn’t let her. His breath fanned her cheek as he said in her ear, ‘Once you see me, you’ll be afraid again.’

‘No, I won’t.’

‘You will. I’ll see fear and mistrust in your eyes, and I think that will break my heart.’

‘You’re just going to have to trust me.’ She reached up and took his hands away from her shoulders and then turned around to face him. He was as she remembered: tall, beautiful, completely black eyes—but there was no grin this time. He looked serious, and for the first time Macy noticed his uncertainty, but it endeared him to her. The sound of the ocean and its light spray added to the surreal moment Macy found herself in—staring into a black cave and straight into the eyes of a Jelvia. His expression was impassioned, and his fingers brushed the side of her cheek.

‘I’ve dreamed about you every night since we met,’ he said, ‘and I’ll always be your hero, Macy Shaw, whether you reciprocate my sentiments or not.’

She was too stunned to move, too stunned to think.

Narcifer stepped back, misinterpreting her silence. His beautiful face was in the shadows once more, and his reflective eyes glinted. ‘I’m sorry,’ he said, and his eyes shut off as he turned and allowed the dark to swallow him up as he moved away and into the cave.

She ran after him, allowing the inky blackness to wash over her again. ‘Narcifer!’

He must have turned because she was staring into those eyes again. The stare was unwavering. Two solid lights.

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About T.E Kessler

If T.E Kessler were Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones) the introduction would read something like this:

T. E Kessler the first of the Midlands in Great Britain, Queen of steamy sci-fi romance, Mother of the Jelvia: Not Human series, Writer of Books, Ruler of the En Suite, the Unburnt in the kitchen and the Breaker of promises (when it comes to diets).

On a serious note, Kessler enjoys writing sci-fi because, unlike horror, it gives the idea of being more dangerous because it could happen. Kessler also mixes it up with reality, human flaws and emotion to bring out the romance and, of course, the comedy of life in general.

Series so far…



SPIDER book 3

…with another three books planned to conclude the Jelvia: Not Human series. Each book has its own story with satisfying endings.

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