Every night, Valerie has unsettling dreams. Does she have psychiatric issues or an eerie insight? Oh No, I’ve Fallen in Love! Is a dark kind of romcom – #readinglife @IndieWriterSupp #comedy #dryhumour #Britishbooks #Psychological

Valerie Anthrope, a loner by choice, world explodes into colour when Ellen ‘a mad, crazy old biddy’ enters her life. Ellen can’t help but help people and seeks to help Valerie and inadvertently introduces her to her playboy nephew, Lex.

If you knew your dreams were trying to tell you something terrible, would you listen?

Valerie and Lex have a mutual attraction, which Valerie tries to fight and Lex intends to exploit.

Oh No, I’ve Fallen in Love, is more than a book, it’s a ride.

Oh No, I’ve Fallen in Love! is now available in all digital formats!

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Excerpt from Oh No, I’ve Fallen in Love!

I was on autopilot the following few days at work. Ellen wasn’t there (I hadn’t seen her since I fired her) and Tim told me she was staying away to give me a chance to ‘calm down’, which only made me angrier.

Poor Tim, he looked so torn: between me (who I think he felt responsible for, for some silly reason) and Ellen.

I worked mechanically, speaking only when spoken to and pushed ahead with new clients. I think, subconsciously, I was trying not to think about Lex and Ellen. Ellen hurt me, there was no denying that and I was disappointed in myself for falling for Lex. I told myself he was nothing but a shallow man who was only out to add notches to his bedpost.

But there’d been something in him that I liked and admired. It was his thirst for life.

Mine was submerged—burdened.

It was very quiet in the office, Tim was out on an appointment, and for once I didn’t like the silence. Paul’s voice was either low on the phone or in total silence as he worked. He chatted non-stop when Tim or Ellen was around!

I turned the radio up to try and mask the quiet and left my office door ajar so I could hear it without straining. My mobile beeped. It was Ellen. She regularly texted me, but I hadn’t answered any of her calls.

I will b in soon.

So much for being careful about what you wish for!

To be honest, I was disappointed. I’d hoped it was Lex and felt oddly let down that he hadn’t tried harder to understand why I froze him out.

I grabbed the safe keys and took out the cash I’d collected from my briefcase. It was a substantial amount of money, and as Securicor had already been for the week, I needed to lock it away in the safe. A lot of people paid electronically, but there was still a minority who liked to use cash, the elderly mainly.

I heard Paul say something as I bent down to the safe, and then the rattle of cups so I assumed he was asking me for a coffee. Good, I could do with one.

‘You hung up on me!’

I was bending over, putting the cash box in the safe, and must have jumped two feet in the air when Lex strode in.

‘Don’t get up. I was enjoying the view,’ Lex said and closed the door behind him.

‘I doubt it was the first time someone’s hung up on you,’ I said, as my heart surged with pleasure at seeing him.

‘I don’t understand,’ he said. He circled my desk, and perched on the edge, facing me. ‘What happened to the “we’re both adults” line?’

‘You’re the one phoning and making it out to be something more.’

‘You’re some bitch, Velvet.’

I gave him a tight smile. ‘Thanks. Now if you don’t mind, I’ve work to do, and I’m sure you have too. Unless you’re so successful, you needn’t show your face in the office now?’ I sat back at my desk and made a point of opening a thick ledger.

Lex gave a lopsided smile. ‘The more you try and push me away from you, the more you intrigue me,’ he said. He came behind me, placed his hands on my shoulders and began to massage them. I tried to wriggle away, but his hands prevented me from moving.

I could feel him leaning over me, then his lips were brushing the tip of my ear. My body reacted to him like dust to static, but I didn’t believe the feeling was mutual. I was his ‘bit of skirt’, a giggle in between the posh totty regularly seen dangling from his arm, but even knowing all of that, I longed to submit to my feelings.

‘Hmm, you smell good,’ he said. His breath tickled my cheek.

‘Stop it, Lex!’

He moved away, his bottom lip protruding in an affected sulk, and I took the opportunity to stand up and put the desk between us.

‘Where’s your PA?’ he asked.

‘I sacked her,’ I said, watching him closely. Nothing flickered on his face.

‘I thought we got on immensely well over the weekend. Why the change?’ he asked.

‘I was drunk Saturday and hungover Sunday. I wasn’t in full control of my faculties.’

‘Liar! You enjoyed our weekend.’

‘I endured it.’

He looked hurt, and I didn’t think it was put on either. I reminded myself of his deceit and hardened my resolve—hardened it into a much tighter ball.

‘I don’t believe you,’ he said at last. ‘You’re not the cold, hard-nosed businesswoman you make yourself out to be.’ He took a step forward. ‘You enjoyed my company, and you practically purred beneath my hands when we made love.’

‘I didn’t!’ I could feel the heat in my face.

‘Tell me that you enjoyed me making love to you.’

‘I shan’t say any such thing!’

He stepped closer, and I moved around the desk to keep it between us. ‘Oh, this could be fun,’ he said. ‘I’ve never chased anyone around a desk.’ He moved to the right, and I moved in the other direction. ‘Ever had sex across the office desk? I bet you have, you saucy bitch.’

I picked up the stapler and threw it at him.

‘Ouch!’ He stood clutching his shoulder, with the stapler lying on the floor at his feet.

‘You’re out of control!’ I told him. I was breathing hard. I smoothed my hair, my blouse and then my skirt. ‘The weekend was an error–’

‘An error?’

‘Yes, an error. I thought you were the type of man who could handle a one-night stand?’

‘A miscalculation is an error, a computer can have an error. A surgeon taking out a healthy lung, leaving the cancerous one behind is an error. We had a connection. That wasn’t an error.’

I shrugged. ‘Call it what you like, but I’m calling it an error.’

‘You took advantage of me! You led me on wearing a tight little dress, letting me wine and dine you while flirting outrageously. And now you have the cheek to tell me you made an error! God, I feel so cheap!’

I didn’t mind confrontation, I even relished people’s caustic replies in retaliation to mine, but Lex wasn’t angry. He was playing like he always plays.

‘Grow up, Lex,’ I said and watched his grin fade as if he suddenly realised I wasn’t sharing his playfulness.

from chapter forty eight – Oh No, I’ve Fallen in Love! by Louise Wise

Oh No, I’ve Fallen in Love! is now available in all digital formats!

Amazon | Kobo | Apple | Nook | Scribd

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