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Ever since her mother was murdered, journalist Macy Shaw has been subconsciously searching for a hero. She found one, but the hero she found was a Jelvia. Undeterred, she used her connections to go after the biggest story of her life.

Narcifer saved a woman by merely being a Jelvia—his presence causing terror and making the assailants flee—and it amused him when his “heroism” caused a national stir, so when a pretty little red-head asked to interview him for a story, Narcifer felt compelled to grant it to her, especially when she gave all the signals that she wanted more than a story.

However, Narcifer was on a job to track a scientist, and no matter where Narcifer’s line of investigation took him, his search always brought back to the red-headed journalist, Macy Shaw.

Was she as innocent as she appears?

An interview with the protagonist of HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO Macy Shaw.

Give a little introduction about yourself: What is your background? What makes you you?

Hi, I’m Macy Shaw, 25, and I was born and bred in Cornwall, England. Neither of my parents is alive today. My dad died in an accident at work when I was a baby, and Mum and I received a huge payout (compensation) which made us comfortable, but I’d rather have known my dad. I used to dream of him turning up and rescuing me from boring school. I have his red curly hair, apparently.

My mum died when I was 12. This was a biggy and still affects me today. She was killed after being mugged, and without any siblings, I was sent to live with my Aunt Karen (she offered out of duty, but I knew she was relieved to get shot of me) and eventually family friends, Lisa and Dillan Day, became my legal guardians.

Do you have any annoying habits, quirks, strange mannerisms, or other defining characteristics?

I talk a lot when I’m nervous. Oh, and I’m nosey. Yes, I WILL look through your cupboards if I’m alone in your house, but I’m a journalist, so that’s a given, I guess.

Do you have any physical traits that stand out (such as scars, birthmarks, tattoos, etc.)?

My story starts without scars, but unfortunately, I get them. Quite a lot, in fact.

Are you a human?

I am, but there is another race of people that live alongside us called Jelvia, and they are a big problem in today’s world, and that’s because Jelvias are a type of vigilante (whether the people they kill are criminals or not is open for debate!), and so Humans are conditioned to fear them from an early age. It’s a problem Humankind have lived with forever, so we’re kind of used to it. I’m scared of them like everyone else, but—I suppose because of the way my mum died—I see them as heroes. I only wish they were there when my mum needed them because I like to believe they’d have saved her (well-meaning people tell me they would’ve just watched and enjoyed her struggle with her killer because I think they’re disturbed by my interest in the Jelvian world.)

Why do you hate character A or B? Are you going to avenge yourself of them? Make friends with them? Why do they make you feel like you do?

I suppose it’s the Jelvias; they evolved alongside us, but they were always in small numbers, and we dominated them, but now their numbers have exploded (the population of Humankind has declined), but they fascinate me! They’re stronger than us, move extremely fast, they are clawed, and they’re venomous. They also tend to kill without remorse or any emotion—like squashing an ant, and the journalist in me wants to know what makes them tick. Are they remorseful when they kill? Do they live in family groups? Personally, I think there is more to them than just being hitmen, and I know there’s emotion in them somewhere.

What is your primary goal in life?

To interview a Jelvia for a story of a lifetime!

What are you like between the sheets?

I thought I was the dominate one, it turns out I like to be submissive. It’s incredibly sexy handing over all your power to another person.

Are you close to your family? How did/do you get along with family members?

As I said, my family are all dead, but my guardians are fabulous! My best friend is Courtney, and it’s her mum and dad who took me in and treated me like their own. I have since moved away from Cornwall, though. That was a wrench, but I’m happy in Richmond in London.

Have you started your own family? Do you have any plans for a new addition?

No way! Ugh! Kids!

Describe any influences in your past that led you to do the things you do/or have done today.

Well, others would say it was my mum’s murder leading to the obsession I have with Jelvias which I undeniably disclaim. I’d be as obsessed with my mum alive, I’m sure.

Do you have a secret? Does anyone else know the secret? What would happen if you told someone this secret?

No secrets, but I want to know what makes a Jelvia tick. Strangely, the more I delve, the more questions I have. Would I tell all once I knew? I don’t know. That might get me killed so I’ll just have to keep what I learn to myself.

Who is the person you despise the most?

I wouldn’t say despise, but Aldarn—the scariest Jelvia ever—is hiding a colossal secret, which I aim to uncover. And then there’s Greg, Courtney’s ex, and the reason I now have scars.

Are you happy now your story has been told? Is there more to come?

This is just to start. We’re all being lied to… all of us, including Jelvias, but I’m determind to get to the bottom of it, whatever ‘it’ is.

Book 2 (Surviving her Dominant) is about my friend Courtney meeting Aldarn again (my nemesis), but then her ex, Greg, wheedles his way back into her life, and Courtney, being a sucker for a sob story, falls for him all over.  

She’s not the brightest star in the sky, but then neither is Greg. I mean, I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of Aldarn, and I don’t think Aldarn will wish them well and wave them off with a cheery wave!

Book 3 (Spider) focuses on Yash, another bad man, in my opinion. I think Narcifer is the only genuine Jelvia, like, ever! Anyway, Yash, or Spider, as he’s known as (because of the spider tattoo on his face) agrees to help Beth find her sister, but he wants to be compensated with something other than cash. I’m not sure if his character is redeemed in the book, but he certainly unestimated Beth!

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