New HOT title coming spring…

Jelvia: Not Human


book 3

The cover may change slightly, but here it is: SPIDER. When Beth Roberts meets Yashthan (Spider). Remember him from Macy’s adventure in book 1 Holding out for a Hero?

Here’s a reminder:

Aldarn slapped his hands on the table, causing her to jump. ‘Yash, wake him up,’ he said to the other Jelvia.
Yash picked up a half-empty bottle of water from the table and tipped some of it over William’s head. It washed the blood from his hair onto his face and shoulders. William spluttered, and half-opened his eyes.
‘Where do you want him?’ asked Yash.
‘In front of them,’ he said indicating the seated security guards masquerading as diners. He eyed their empty plates. ‘I’d order more food except all the chefs are dead.’
Yash hauled William up, and he howled in pain. He dragged him over towards the silent and watchful men on the other table, and that’s when she saw William’s battered legs. One was twisted unnaturally; the other was a bloody pulp. Aldarn had rendered him utterly helpless by breaking every bone in his legs.


Jelvia 3 Front Cover 2 (1)Jelvia: Not Human SPIDER book 3 will be ready to buy in the spring (I’m hoping April).

Bethany Roberts was born into a privileged life, but all that was taken away when, at nine years old, a car crash killed her older brother, and her mother received life-changing injuries. Beth’s younger sister was too young to understand how the pressure affected their father and only saw him as a fun-time dad, spending money and giving them expensive holidays. But Beth was old enough to realise he was spending far beyond their means and drinking too much.

He lost them their beautiful home and lifestyle.

As Beth grew, she became a carer to both her parents and a mother to her sister, Lara. She gave up school and took menial jobs to keep a roof over their heads.

Beth managed.

But it all came crashing down when Lara, now seventeen years old, became a statistic of the Jelvian onslaught on humankind.

She disappeared.

And Beth, now twenty-five, has nothing to lose.

Nothing what so ever.

She is going to get her sister back.


Thanks for reading!


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