Book characters want their say!

Beginning late November, WWBB is hosting a ‘current affairs’ guest blog for authors with feisty characters!

Readers invest a lot of time reading about their characters, and sometimes they’d like to know more about how they tick, what they think and how they are managing in today’s fast-paced world.

If your character wields magic would he/she use it to stop climate change? If your character is evil would they be rubbing their hands together at human suffering? Or would they be at the full-front of it? Maybe your character is an animal and doesn’t understand how humans can ignore the suffering of dogs from your local doggy pet shop? Your character could be an alien, and wonders how we live in such close proximity (population). Or maybe your character just hates/loves the Kardashians!

Your article, your current affairs from your neck of the wood.

So take advantage of this FREE promo event and write 300 – 900 words approx., in the POV of your character, about anything you like as long as it’s current where you are, and send it to my EMAIL: wiselouise(AT)

(All articles will be posted on

Also send in:
Social media links (up to three).
Purchase links (up to three) of the book to be advertised.
Cover pic (of said book)
Blurb (as above).

Bio of character.
Photo of character.

Anything you want to say about this post?

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