Science Fiction Writing: It’s Not Just a Man’s World

When Women Inspire

Well, of course, the title makes sense, right? I mean, why shouldn’t women write sci-fi too? But the jarring truth is that men are still being spotlighted much more often than women for their science fiction stories, even though both genders are writing it.

Men Getting the Sci-Fi Spotlight

The focus on men in the science fiction genre has been going on far too long. This point applies to both the authors and the characters in the books. Yet you only have to look back to Mary Shelley to see that women have been writing sci-fi for a long time! But time and again women struggle to get the attention of men writing in the genre.

For example, last week when I was on (I’m in Canada) I searched the term “sci fi writers.” Up came photos of 10 well-known authors in the Science Fiction genre and (wait for it) they’re all men…

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2 thoughts on “Science Fiction Writing: It’s Not Just a Man’s World

  1. I’m not defending the blatant fact that most sci-fi writers are male. Most writers in every genre are male except romance and cooking and other agenda considered ok for women to write about. Perhaps if women supported other women who write sci-fi as the men supports men then she would gain more recognition because waiting for men to take a woman writer seriously is seemingly going to be a very long wait. Mary Shelley was seriously ostracized for writing Frankenstein. Had not she been married to who she was who knows what would’ve happened.


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