What is reality? What are thoughts? What does humanity really mean?

Author Eli Darzi discusses a thoughtful and a controversial topic in his new book

To Live is to Die First

If I tell you that you and I are dead you will probably not accept that.

Yet if you ask me if I’m alive, I will say without any hesitation, “yes.” However, this is only because humankind created a reality where if there is breath and a beating heart that person is considered alive.

Thinking is the reason for the knowledge about us, our surrounding, life and death which accumulates through the generations and is stored in our memory. Without it we wouldn’t have any knowledge because we are not separate from these things.

The expression “you are living in a movie” describes the humanity situation. Thoughts are analogous to frames of the movie film. They run through the mind one after the other, nonstop.

These thoughts carry knowledge, which are translated into time in their movement. They create the feeling of a process in time and create the illusion of life. However, this is no less illusionary than a movie projected on a screen.

The absurd thing is that we identify with what happened in a fiction movie while we live in a movie which is projected in our head and creates our fictional reality. The reality that we create for ourselves is the only reality that exists; there is no another reality except this one.

This reality is the illusion in which we live and strongly believe it is the life. Life is not related or connected to this reality. It is created by our thinking.


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