A fast paced, gripping insight into the seedy world of #Wrestling by @Schooloftheages #WWE

Squared Circle Blues


Matt Posner

 1984: the dirty days of American territorial wrestling.

Baltimore’s top wrestling star, King Snake MacEvoy, leaves his abusive and foul-mouthed promoter, Matt Gash, for more money and a starring role in New York.

A big mistake: soon, both Snake’s career and Gash’s business are on the road to ruin. Snake faces a gang of sociopathic locker room bullies and sabotage by his ruthless new boss. The half-mad Gash scrambles to find new stars among the unskilled or even unhinged wrestlers within his reach. For men like these, in times like these, the only ending will be an ending in blood.



This novel tells the stories of men and women in a hard, dangerous, outlaw business, fighting for their lives, careers, and hearts.

Warning: This book is recommended for mature readers only. It contains extensive profanity, extreme violence, racist language, and sexual material.

“The dialogue crackles, the settings are gritty and malodorous, the bones crunch as they are broken and real blood flows. This is the true noir, the underside of American sportainment.” — Andre Jute, author of more than 60 books, including novels like IDITAROD, the greatest race on earth, and non-fiction like WRITING A THRILLER.

“The characters are all different shades of desperado… I felt like I was living, training and fighting with these guys. Totally believable. Really enjoyed it.”– R.A. Barnes, author of Peril, Dodge, and the Zombies vs. Ninjas series

“A fast paced, gripping insight into the seedy world of wrestling, where characters are brought to life, compelling you to fight their corner or hate their guts. Loved the way you got to know their traits & personalities together with the history that shaped them. Found myself enjoying a love/hate relationship with Gash, wanting to understand the reticence of Peter, and hoping for the redemption of Snake. Also admired the strength and guts of Becky & Dora. Great read.”–Mollie Blake, author of The Secret At Arnford Hall – a Cheshire Love Story (Feb2017) ‘

“Matt Posner’s tight, effective prose and strong narrative weave together scenes that are powerful with raw realism.” — Jess C Scott. multi-genre author

“This book isn’t a simple story of some wrestlers and promoters, but rather a detailed … view of a slice in time in the history of a major form of sports entertainment…. not a simplistic narrative of good people dealing with bad people, but rather the intertwining of the lives of diverse individuals: some desperate, some greedy, some disgusting, and some simply naïve.” — J.A. Beard, author of the Osland Trilogy

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