Looking for a #Christian love story? #spiritual #romance

Crystal Mary Lindsey

brings you…

Forbidden Fruit Temptation

Love burns like a fire – an eternal strong desire

She was forbidden to him – his duty lay beyond romantic attachment

He was her eternal love – so prayer became her spirit weapon

 Silva Latham loved Declan Callahan from a young age. After years apart, both return to their families in an Outback Australian town. Declan remembers Silva as his best friend’s ‘nuisance little sister’.

Now she’s nineteen and home from a French finishing school. He is thunderstruck by her exquisite transformation into a desirable young woman. But of course, she is the daughter of Treasure, the once famous French model, so who could expect anything less?



CLEAN Winning Love story

STRONG Emotional Chemistry

A GUARDIAN ANGEL appearing in the most needed times.

 This story will lead you through – courage, desire, devotion, protection, sacrifice, devastation, and a love that will Burn, as Strong as Fire.

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About Crystal Mary Lindsey:

Romance dances in the mind of author Crystal Mary Lindsey. Living in the Land Down Under – she enjoys placing her fantasies on paper to stir the hearts of other dreamers. Her medical knowledge comes from professional experience (BSN) and her Christian understanding as a Bible College graduate. Crystal lives with her American husband in the sub tropics of Queensland, Australia, amid mango, avocado, and sugar cane plantations. She is a mother of four and grandmother of ten.

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