It’s roaring 1920s time with #cleanromance #Christian novel Discovering Treasure


Crystal Mary Lindsey

Do you love to read Christian romance – with family secrets and complicated mystery?

A clean winning romance

Discovering Treasure will intrigue you from beginning to end. You are taken on the suspenseful journey of a young sophisticated woman who undergoes drastic change. It will awaken your innermost desire to walk in faith with your saviour.


It’s 1925 and Paris is the city of romance and exotic fashion. Treasure Gilroy is a famous model living in the heart of this dazzle, working between London, New York and Milan.

Then suddenly and inexplicably she vanishes from her opulent lifestyle. Having inherited her grandmother’s estate, Treasure journeys back to a beautiful valley on the other side of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, outback Australia. She travels with her best friend, Ella, who is English and works as a French hair coiffeur. They’ve been friends for a few years, but there is something mysterious about Ella and neither woman can explain their déjà vu bond.

When Treasure meets her grandmother’s lawyer, Connor Latham, who is a returned World War I fighter pilot, passions ignite, yet Connor alternates between sizzling and icy when they are together.

Will Treasure lose her heart to him?

Family secrets are discovered and skeletons in the closet revealed.

Finally, Treasure gains understanding of the many uncertainties facing her. As she forges new beginnings, the sadness in her heart begins to dissipate.

Where does belief in God fit in? Treasure has been brought up without any knowledge of Jesus, so sees no necessity for Him. Will she come to an understanding about God’s unconditional love for her?

Does she receive the free gift offered, or does she reject it? This Christian romance stirs magic in the mind and music to the soul.

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About author, Crystal Mary Lindsey:

Romance dances in the mind of author Crystal Mary Lindsey. Living in the Land Down Under – she enjoys placing her fantasies on paper to stir the hearts of other dreamers. Her medical knowledge comes from professional experience (BSN) and her Christian understanding as a Bible College graduate. Crystal lives with her American husband in the sub tropics of Queensland, Australia, amid mango, avocado, and sugar cane plantations. She is a mother of four and grandmother of ten.

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