A fun, therapeutic way for #children to read and learn @bookshelf #kidsbooks

A colour therapy twist!


Esther Loftus Gough

Blue in the Tooth is a fun, therapeutic colourful way for children to read absorb and learn. Esther Loftus Gough is a colour therapist with an author’s creative twist.

She brings books to life with imagination and flair. Colourful vibrant reading becomes a fun learning experience.

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Blue in the Tooth is a colorful, educational, fun book that’s also acts as a reminder to young and old to keep teeth clean and healthy to prevent tooth decay.

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61CUlefnJEL._UX250_Esther Loftus Goughwas born in Australia and lived in England from the age of 6 yrs. Having a grandfather who wrote historical educational books, Esther was bought up with storytelling as an everyday added bonus.

Esther has written since the 1980s and always been a storyteller but only published recently having decided to add the Colour Therapy twist. With the Colour Therapy element comes a fun, colourful educations flow of words.

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