S★E★X★Y books from @djjouett #murder #love and #romance What more could you want?

Curses & Consequences (To Love a Witch Book 1)

When evil attacks their town, Father Michael and the Mayor must join forces to save the lives of everyone. As they battle the demons, Father Michael realizes he would rather die with the Mayor than live without her.

Must be Murder (To Love a Witch Book 2)

When the Vatican calls on Father Michael Wills to lead the charge against celibacy, the man of God finds the lives of his wife and children are endangered. Passion, suspense and the dark side of human nature come into play to make this one of the best new murder mysteries of the season.

The Cheating Wives Club

Psychiatrist Lana Reed is pulled into a world of serial killers and cheating wives. As people are murdered, her suspicions fall to one of her patients as the killer. Dr. Reed finds herself struggling with doctor-patient confidentiality, and Reed must decide between her professional ethics and helping the man she loves solve the heinous crimes.



The Destiny Factor

coming soon…

Clean sheets were Renny James’ criteria for success. A brilliant student, she knew a college education would get her out of the horrible filth and poverty in which she lived. Nothing would stop her from achieving her goals. Brad and Vivian Rockmore introduced her to the world of beautiful people, cruise ships, and private jets. At twenty-eight, Renny had realized all her goals. She had no idea her ambition would land her in jail for murdering the only person she had ever loved.


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