New book Alert! Exiled to Eden #saga @OutskirtsPress


John Strassel

When fate tosses together beautiful heiress Miranda McClellan and missionary pilot Zane Wylde on a remote jungle airstrip, neither one could have imagined just how much their meeting would not only alter the destiny of three families but the entire world.


Set in the year 2060, against the backdrop of World War III, Exiled to Eden is the epic saga of three families and their respective struggles during a gruesome conflict.

From sensual tropical locales to the vicious bastions of Islamic jihad, as well as the traditional halls of imperial influence, members of the families battle to keep alive their hope for ultimate survival when each day seems to present its own set of desperate challenges.

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51iEI86djKL._SX150_John Strassel was journalist for two decades in South Florida and currently reside in Lake Worth, Florida with his wife of twenty years and teenage son. He has also owned a business in the construction industry for the past twenty years.

His first two books are faith-based works of fiction that would probably be best classified as dramatic, romantic adventures. His third novel will be a historical fiction piece set around the time of the American Revolution.

He has also dabbled in poetry and song writing, but prefers writing and reading books the best.

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