About Amazon’s Rankings…

What do they mean?

All my books were in the Amazon Select scheme and around about last year I decided to pull two of them and add them back into other digital bookstores such as Kobo and Nook.

As soon as I unticked the “automatically renew this book’s enrolment in KDP Select for another 90 days” button, the rankings, usually hitting between 10 or 30K, dropped fast. By the following day, the books were 300K down in the ratings. The drop  was rapid and frankly, shocking.

I panicked, and threw them back into Select, and they climbed again to sit, hovering, between 10 and 30K.


But there they stayed. I could never push through that 10k barrier no matter the amount of book parties and author dances I did (oh, yeah, see me dance!).

The books had stagnated. I needed a new audience, yet I was afraid of pulling them from Select.

But I did.

I didn’t panic this time. And as I speak (or write) I’m sitting quiet and watching them carefully as they plunder down the rankings. Despite that, I’m getting sales through Amazon.

Clearly, Amazon are making a lot of money from indie authors and they want us to sell using their distribution site, and in order to keep us staying exclusive to them they came up with KOLL (Kindle Owners’ Lending Library) where we authors can earn a share of the KDP Select Global Fund which stands at million of  dollars…blah, blah…

Sounds impressive, though, eh?

But it works out authors are paid as little as 0.0050 per page read (my figures are approx.)

For my full-sized novels of over 500 pages that isn’t a lot, but THE RANKINGS were good. I have been seduced by RANKINGS.

God, I feel cheap!

But I don’t want to bite the hand that feeds. Amazon were the first distributor to take on my books, but has the gilded cage, that is Amazon, begun to crack?

eden hunted

Eden #1 | Hunted #2 now available EVERYWHERE!

Eden #1 (this is a stand-alone novel) is available at the following stores:

Kobo | Nook | Page Foundry/Inkera | Amazon

Astronaut Jenny became the first human to walk on Eden. And probably the first to die.

Hunted #2 (is a follow on from Eden) can be found a the following: 

Kobo | ITunes |Book foundry/Inktera | Scribd | Nook | Amazon

Fly and Jenny are back as Eden returns in HUNTED. As the only survivors, they rely on one another. But he isn’t human and the place she calls home, isn’t Earth

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