Little Bird, Little Bird, It’s Time For Bed #preschool #freeaudiobooks #moms


Adam Lewis

It’s the end of the day and Oscar the Owl cannot find Little Bird to let him know it’s time for bed. His animal friends search for Little Bird before it’s dark. Join Oscar the Owl, Frita the Fox, Henry the Hedgehog, Debbie the Deer, Bobby the Bear, Martha the Mouse, Randy the Rabbit, and Sally the Snail as they search for Little Bird.

little bird

FREE audio book included!


Reasons to purchase this delightful series of children’s bedtime stories:

In this modern children’s story, the simple characters and subtle clues make the perfect book to help your child fall sleep and stay in bed at the end of the day.

It create memories in the first years of your child’s life.

The story is short and fun, with just enough mystery and suspense to keep things interesting, without taking them out of that relaxing and soothing state they need to be in to drift off to sleep.

It’s a great book for kids one years and above.

The simple reading with numbers and the alphabet and the free audio book (like an Audible .mp3) makes this one of the award winning books of 2016 to buy for your child’s bookshelf.

Your child will enjoy this night time story even if they hate to read, and may call it the best children books of all time.

Have a good night with bedtime short stories instead of video or goodnight songs, try books. You can create a kids audio cd or dvd with the .mp3 file so you can listen along.

Little Bird is one of the perfect good night books for babies or kids or young children, even tired 5 year olds, who need a good nights rest. These are good short bedtime stories for babies, children (either boys or girls) as old as seven, but especially good books for toddlers and those in preschool or kindergarten.

Your child will love the audio book that comes free with this storybook. Heritage Press is delighted to publish short kindle fire bedtime stories for babies and toddlers. These are some of the most popular and best collections of very short stories in English for preschoolers.

Since it’s a goodnight storybook, it’s unlike other action and adventure books for kids 5-7 on Amazon. It’s a bedtime story book set for children ages 3-5 and will help you establish a bed time routine or sleep program to help your young child go to sleep faster.

We want to make sure we’re one of the online sellers who makes it easy for your child to have something to read with Kindle Freetime or Unlimited and a Fire HD. Get the perfect book for children one to six who struggle with bedtime anxiety.

The author of these classics have written to all ages from 18 months to kindergartners with the aim of making story time cheap, with sound, so that night time nerves zoom by.

These new release illustrated hidden picture books come alive. This book in any edition makes a great gift to bookmark in your browser for that special child. Unlike other chapter books on their bookshelves, these gifts provide new ideas in the form of exciting children’s literature. Read aloud with .mp3 programs and the free audiobook. The reading comprehension level is for 1st graders or 2nd grade.

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