Don’t waste writing time! Author tips shared here!

What I wished I’d known before I Published
part two

KEEP CALM. Writing already takes second place to my day job
and I was squandering this meagre resource in pursuit of a frenzy of Facebook,
Twitter, forums and pestering. I can’t compete with the fulltime twitbookers,
but it doesn’t matter. I do as much publicity as I can, but make sure I stay on
top of the important thing – writing.- 
Eric Tomlinson 

is crucial–not just a good suggestion–to at least some kind of marketing
strategy in place BEFORE you publish. – 
Rikki Strong
I wish I’d been told not to get distracted by what seem like
great opportunities that actually take you on a path away from what you wanted
from your writing. Identify the one thing you want from your writing, print it,
pin it to your wall, and never forget it. – Dan Holloway

Write. Keep writing. Set deadlines and guidelines and stick to
them. And 15-minute writing sprints are magical. – Madeline

Don’t spend months (or years) pouring your heart and soul
into your book and then slap a crappy-looking cover on it! That’s like putting
a bikini on a mature woman – no one wants to see that and it will deter
potential purchasers!- Janet Eve Josselyn

The rewrite and editing process really takes as long as
writing the book. – Lene Andersen

That it’s important to separate the business side and
creative side of self-publishing. Mixing the two can be detrimental. – 
Adrienne Thompson

to underprice yourself. – Deb Nam-Krane
Carmen Amato – Join a writer’s group and don’t argue when your stuff is being critiqued. And what Jane Starwood said about not publishing a first draft. Maybe the 20th. Plus, if you going develop the “author platform,” with a presence on Twitter, FB, blog, etc, do so in as professional manner possible. No orange text on purple background.

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