A New Yorker in London

A New Yorker in London

The manner in which books are made today differs starkly
from half a century ago, starting with the point
of acquisition. In those days of face-to-face appointments
and the gentleman’s handshake, my initial
“virtual” meeting of my editor
would have been unimaginable. Even now,
the majority of authors physically walk into their editors’
offices to seal deals and sign contracts
early in their partnerships. Since I’m in New York
and my editor, Charlotte Ledger, lives in London,
our initial meeting was a long time in coming.

Read more at http://www.louisewise.com/2013/12/a-new-yorker-in-london.html#kT4i7dbHVEIAqI9Y.99 – 

A New Yorker in London.

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