Chick Lit Authors Confess!

  •  Confessions, confessing, confess . . .

    When I’m alone in the kitchen, I sometimes pretend that I have my own cooking show on the Food Network and I speak to my “audience” in a fake British accent as I go through a recipe. That’s not weird… right? – Cat Lavoie

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     I got a cat recently. Most of the time, while I write, she’s sitting on my chest with her cat behind facing me. It’s lovely. (Not really.) About three weeks ago, while I was working on my second novel, her tiny little paw inadvertently highlighted a bunch of text and deleted it. I laughed, knowing I’d be able to undo the delete.

    The next day, I reviewed what I wrote, with my cat on my chest again. When I got to the part she’d deleted, I told her it was the part she didn’t like and I am not kidding, she deleted the section again! I decided there was a reason that part shouldn’t be in the book and rewrote the entire scene. I thought it was much better, too! – Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

    Hubby and I were going to a black-tie event, which involved sitting at the ‘top’ table with his boss and wife. He wanted to make a good impression, but on the way the car broke down. He mended it, but forgot about his tie, and when he was bending over the engine it became covered with oil. 

    We had left early to make sure we weren’t late, but would be very late if he went back to change. So in the car I took off my patterned black tights and secured them around his neck so they looked like a tie. I’m just glad I shaved my legs! – Louise Wise

    My novel Tear Stained Beaches is a fictional story. However, Chase, the main male lead is based on a person I know from real life. Originally, when I wrote the story I wrote him more true to his real persona, and as I wasn’t too happy with him, he came across a little more arrogant, disrespectful and just not so nice.

    Once I stepped back, I realized that I needed to tone it down a notch. So I began to rewrite his actions and settle his personality a bit to create that character I really wanted. It’s not always true what they say ‘write what you know’, in my case it was ‘write cautiously what you know’! – Courtney Giardina
    I must confess that when I was 11, in the 6th
    grade I had a HUGE crush on a Franciscan priest who regularly came to my
    all-girl’s Catholic school to hear confession. 

    It was the 1970’s so confession
    consisted of sitting in a room across from this lovely, kind man telling him
    your sins – no old school confessional for us. So how could you get more time
    with such a man? Obviously you lie and make up sins! 

    All the other girls in my class were jealous of my ‘extra time’ with
    him. It was hard to think of sins back then and his penance was appropriately
    seventies…help your mum with the washing up, be kind to your sister. I’d
    already lied in confession. I was burning in hell, no penance would cover it,
    not of course that he knew that! – Monique McDonell
    I wrote a novel about life in an upscale suburb of
    Boston (Dover, MA, where I actually live) and the title is THIN RICH BITCHES.
     Apparently some people in Dover think they know who the characters are
    based on, although I have never revealed that in any interviews, and never
    will. While it is a work of fiction, I confess that almost all of the
    characters in the book are based on people I rub elbows with every day in town,
    at school and at social and athletic events. – Janet Josselyn

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