Oh no, not another competition to win a book!

No, it’s a competition to win having your name (book or website link) credited in the acknowledgements of my next book. 

Eden is my bestseller at over a 10,000 downloads since its release (as an eBook) and fans of Jenny and Fly have asked if Eden 2 is on the horizon. I’d not even thought of a second book. Their story ended and I moved on to contemporary romance.

But after yet another enquiry Jenny and Fly began to stir in my mind. Their story wasn’t over! It was very much alive and I began writing . . . 

And writing.

The book took just over a month to write. It was amazing. Like pulling on a favourite pair of slippers that were snug and comfortable. My fingertips buzzed over the keyboard.

The rewrite has taken longer but now Eden 2 is in the hands of my beta reader, then in May in the hands of my editor and finally a proofreader.

But I need a title and I’m out of ideas. If you have read Eden (and you may need to to come up with a title for this one) please enter my FREE competition for a chance of winning having your name, book/link mentioned in the credits.

Leave your name, title and contact details in the comment section of the link below: http://www.louisewise.com/p/eden-best-selling-sci-fi-romance-on.html?spref=tw
Competition ends July 1st.

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