Book in the spotlight: Angels Don’t Fall in Love

Branden Szabo
He’s a passive college boy, she’s an aggressive soldier girl.

Only the smartest and most talented young women can join the Seraphim Corps, an organization created to monitor Earth’s contact with extraterrestrial species. James Walker is a teenage congressional staffer who is lucky enough to see this special force in action at Haywood Naval Air Base. Until a series of suspicious meteorites crash nearby. Now James finds himself fighting for survival in a base overrun with hellish monsters that even the Seraphim Corps can’t control. 

Sci-fi/horror novella
James is just a staffer, handicapped by a lack of courage and faith in his
abilities. Thankfully, he befriends Armina Harp, a young and fiery member of
the Seraphim Corps. Armina detests James for being what she calls a push-over,
picking on him whenever she can. And likewise James finds Armina’s excessive
zeal very unattractive. If only she weren’t so attractive on the outside.

Haywood is under quarantine until the monsters can be exterminated. And for
reasons unknown to James, the women of the Seraphim Corps aren’t allowed to
leave. As their story grows darker, James and Armina’s mutual dislike for each
other begins to evolve into something much different – Love.

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