To all editors out there–you’re bloody AMAZING!

got into trouble on Amazon recently. I joined a group of writers with the aim
to write a collection of shorts for a novel. I was designated ‘gatekeeper’
(knocking back the bad, and allowing the good to pass through). The stories
were interesting, that’s just keep it at that. But I couldn’t say no to anyone!
The passion, the heat, love and tears had gone into those stories and so I
decided to edit them, every last one.
And some of you may
know, I take it VERY seriously. I’m anal about commas, apostrophes and all
things punctuation–as one should be in writing. I’m sharp on POV,
dialogue and tightening up.
The only thing I’m
not too hot on is grammar and spelling (why I hire editors for my own work, and
probably why the odd error is found on this blog).
Anyway, I settled
down to edit the entries often staying up late to get finished (there was a
deadline), and I think I forgot that these stories weren’t mine. I highlighted
every little POV slip, put an exclamation against any errant comma, made
comments against over-wordiness then basically rewrote the entire thing!
I say I was anal about editing?
didn’t go down well with the authors. Where’s my voice, they cried.
I wrote it out, said I. Want it back?
duh, yeah.
unedited, and they were happy.
point, apart from discovering how anal I was about editing, is that the next
time you see your editor give them a big sloppy kiss.
deserve it!
here, John!
MuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaahhHHHH !

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