MOA Forum, indie authors and writing.

Might be foolish, might be worthwhile. Won’t know until it’s been given a go. Some are saying it’ll flop and we’ll ruin our repetition, others are keen to participate.

What the hell am I on about?

Well, Steve Roach has approached authors on the aforementioned MOA forum (Meet Our Authors) on Amazon UK with an idea to collaborate on a book. 

The thought is that authors will submit a short story each (approx. 1,000-10,000) until we have a good-sized book. No profit will be made (it’ll all go into the production of the book) and copyright will remain the story’s creator.

It will be a great advert for the indie market as a whole–or not.

There are good writers, but we all know there are bad (delusional) writers, as well. So only the good need apply (you will be vetted). If we succeed, you never know, there may be another book the following year with another selection of writers.

Check out the MOA forum and see if you want to join us. But whatever you do, please support us. It’s an advert to ALL indies, after all.

I’ve dropped out. I stuck up my hand to help sort through the entries, and because I wanted EVERYONE to take part I, rightly or wrongly, offered to be the editor and I got carried away. Apparently, I destroyed ‘voices’ and hurt the feelings of authors. What can I say, I’m a tough editor and I hate sloppiness. ‘Voice’ or not, there is no excuse for over-wordiness, poor grammar, bad spelling or lack-lustre content. 

Still, good luck, Steve, and to the rest of the authors my best wishes also.

Btw, my rates for editing . . . no, I’m joking. Never again! 

John Hudspith comes fully recommended though. Happy editing!

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