Comment and judge on this short story: Snow

**The winner of WWBB’s short story competition will win a review and an author spotlight. Your comments will help me decide the winner.**

Kathryn Hewitt

It was easy to see what everyone else saw
in him. His charm, his Southern grace, his easy, free flowing spirit and that
gorgeous smile he enjoyed flashing made her heart flutter with the same
excitement as any other girl in the room. Coming from deep rooted Southern
money, Luke bought his way through life, taking care to always be extravagant,
but humble when it suited him best. The likes of him were new to the small town
of Westbrook and immediately everyone was captivated by him.

why her? Sure Ruth had a pretty face with a great body, but she was a nobody.
The kind of person that everyone was friends with, but no one remembered to
talk to. Not to mention she was young, four years younger than him to be exact,
and she was poor. He could have anyone he wanted, but for weeks his eyes had
narrowed in only on her.

It wasn’t long before feeling powerless and
indebted to his graciousness of gifts he constantly showered on her, she gave
in. The pressure was overwhelming. The want in his eyes and the hunger that
daily grew in her was a weight too heavy for her to carry. Giving in and giving
it up seemed to be her only option. After all, her virginity was the only thing
she possessed of value. She was poor, he was rich. What else do you give
someone who has everything, except the one thing you cherish the most?

The night ended quickly, but the pain
seemed never ending. Grief and guilt began to drown her and everyday she
breathed felt like an inhale of the salty sea. She knew what he wanted her to
do, but her heart couldn’t conceive it, although the acceptance seemed
unbearable, too.

Days turned to weeks, love turned to
violence, and her strong will began to dissolve into submission.
Her only hope was a miracle. A miracle that
she didn’t know she wanted. A miracle that would later be looked upon with
wonder and amazement. A miracle that would drastically alter her life,
completely changing her from what she was into who she was to become.

You don’t want to miss the story of Ruth,
a young girl filled with innocence, and Luke, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, as
their relationship disintegrates just as quickly as it developed. Taking place
on the day of Ruth’s wedding, she must come to terms with the past that haunts
her in order to move on with the future that awaits. This sweet, romantic novel
will quickly turned to a violent suspense, leaving you unable to resist turning
the next page.

Discover the life altering decision that
left Ruth desperate for a miracle by downloading the eBook or ordering a hard
copy from your favorite retailer.

Kathryn Hewitt was born and raised in the small town of Camden, South Carolina. Breaking away from becoming a teen mom statistic, she was an Honors Graduate from Camden High School and went on to study British Literature and Sociology at Charleston Southern University, inspiring to teach High School English.

Kathryn has a passion for teaching teenagers and reaching out to those who seem as though the world has closed the door. Because of her own experiences, including becoming a teenage mother at fifteen, Kathryn knows the value of life and the blessings it contains. Understanding the importance of making wise decisions, Kathryn passionately seeks to instill that wisdom into the minds of every young lady she encounters. The inspiration for Kathryn’s writings comes from her own experiences, and she is never afraid to speak the truth that others refuse to acknowledge.

Kathryn married in 2005 and is a stay at home mom with her four sons. She and her family currently live in the same town she grew up.

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