Who’s up for winning a review?

Let’s have a bit of fun in February. Christmas is a memory and summer is
a long way off, so I think we deserve it.

I want you to write in with piece of fiction (500 words
approx), which could be a spin-off from your novel or a stand-alone short
The closing date is 25th February, and voting will take place in March.
Everyone who enters will have a place on the blog and their book placed in Book
Junkies library.
Bloggers are invited to ‘mark’ the story in the comment section, and I
will consider their comments when I make my judgement. Send in your entries NOW to book your slot on the blog (your own byline as normal).
  1. With your entry send in ONE promotional
    book cover, SHORT blurb and TWO purchase links ONLY, and there is a limit
    of THREE author media links (Twitter, FB and blog etc). 
  1. 500 words APPROX. If your story is 600 words
    or 200 hundred words, I do not care. But obviously 1000 words is taking
    the mick. 
  1. Judging will take place in March and revealed
    in a blog post later in the month. 
  1. Entries in by email before or on 25th February.
  1. No payment, but if you want to buy one of my books I’d be delighted. 
  1. NO erotica, although you CAN be an erotica
    author, and you CAN send in your erotic book cover and links etc, just no
    erotic shorts, please.

For more information go to here, when you’re ready email your entries to Louise Wise.

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