Wanted: guest bloggers/writers/munchins/and YOU…

for December.

I am looking for articles on the subject of crime/suspense/mystery writing. Talk us through your genre. How do you research the criminal mind? What legal (if any) practicalities do you have to abide by? What professionals (police, lawyers) do you talk with to help you with your research? Are they helpful? How do you keep the element of mystery in your novel? Why is there always a miserable/grumpy cop and a happy/naive rookie? How do you keep the villain a surprise in a whodunit?

If you’re not a crime writer (or anything under that umbrella), doesn’t matter. I also want guest posts on the subject of EDITING. Can you edit too much? Who is your editor? Want to name and credit them, or name and shame them? What is your editing process? Is it possible to self-edit? What do you think of authors who release their books without editing or those who shamelessly say they are waiting for sales before they can pay for an editor? Is there a quick way to edit? Any tips you want to share?

You get a byline, your book added to Book Junkies , and tweeted and retweeted on Twitter (Triberr) to thousands of followers. Click the contact button top left of screen and let me know you’re interested, and I’ll email you straight back.

I’ve a delightful line up already (but more the merrier!), who are, in no particular order:

Jeff Johnson and Hy Conrad
Larry Ivkovich
Shelly Frome
Aliza Mann
Anne R Allen
Naomi Rabinowitz
Clyo Beck

John Hudspith

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