Wanted: Guest Bloggers for November!

I had a blast with the October topic. It proved one thing to me – that science fiction isn’t dead! I thought I’d be deluged with fantasy, but no, sci-fi writers teleported from all sides to write about their genre. And I bought some cracking new titles for my Kindle so a double whammy!

But November is going to be brilliant, too, and I can tell you, the month it isn’t only going to be sparkling with fireworks and bonfires because we have some awesome topics!

I have TWO themes and the choice is up to you. The first is KDP SELECT and INDIE AUTHORS. When Amazon’s KDP Select scheme launched, it opened doors for independently published authors that had been otherwise closed, so if you’re an indie writer, how have you found the process? Maybe, you think the doorway has been opened too wide for bad indie writers? Could you be a traditionally published author who believe indies are ruining the reputation of eBooks?

The other theme is the ROMANCE/CONTEMPORARY genre. If you are a writer of romance can you discuss your genre? How do you research the affairs of the heart? Is it all from personal experience? And what about the ‘sex scenes’? How do you make those scenes romantic? Is it easier for women to write this genre because they can delve into deeper ’emotions’? Or are men better because they are more adventurous?

These topics are proving popular so sign up now to grab a slot!

Contact WWBB via the contact button top, left of the screen.

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