Eden The End

Do Jenny and Fly get their happy ever after?

How come the natives are looking afraid and demoralised? Why are their numbers diminishing?

Fly, his formidable size and physical power, is no longer a threat to Jenny; neither is his ruined face and alien features. But she is dependent on him. Needs him for her survival. Needs him full stop.

But he vanishes just at the time she needs him the most—on the birth of their baby.

Jenny turns to the very creatures she’s afraid of for help—the native-wolves. Primitive people or vicious animals? Hard to tell beneath the fur. But Jenny has no choice in finding out.
Eden The End
Coming Soon


Another ‘thwack’ and he fell to his knees. His throat was extended on the point of firing his poison. Another spear caused his back to arch, and he fell onto his front to the muddy ground. He was eyeball to eyeball with Jenny. His eyes widened on seeing her. 
There was an almighty howl. A cry of victory. Then the slap-slapping of bare feet and then he was surrounded by the natives. He tried to move, but he was pinned to the ground by the spear.
He moved an arm, and stretched it towards her.
Jenny continued to hug her knees inside her hiding place. She daren’t move. 
A native stood on his back, pulled out the spear only to plunge it back in in another part of his body. His hand spasmed and then relaxed.
Jenny squeezed her eyes closed.

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