Voice Command Software

Charissa Newark
The average person spends around four hours a day typing
e-mails, lists and other correspondences. Dictation software can record one
hundred words per minute as opposed to the expensive thirty three words that
the average person can type.

Now you can save up to three hours a day by simply using
the new voice command software. When you add these hours up, over forty years
time, that equals one thousand eight hundred and twenty five days! Imagine what
you can do with 5 years of free time!

Carpel tunnel, eye strain and constant neck and shoulder
pain are only a few of the consistent complaints of people that work on
computers daily. All of these aches and pains can be easily eliminated with the
use of dictation software. Not to mention, hundreds and thousands of dollars in
doctor visits and pain medications.

Not to mention the monotony of typing for hours on end,
with the new voice command software, writing can be fun again! The tongue is
much quicker than the fingers, regain your motivation and put procrastination
behind you, with dictation software, you can make more money in less time and
enjoy what you do without spending hours on end staring at a computer.

Turn your computer off, save electricity and regain your
sense of freedom without being tied down to your office chair! Save time, money
and be pain free by simply switching to dictation software, available at the
tip of your fingers – anywhere, any time!

Created by www.accountingdegree.net

That’s the advert–but what are your views? Does anyone have voice command software? I had one years ago and I had to read several books into it so it could get used to my voice. It still didn’t work for me and spouted out gobbledygook. But that was years ago, and technology has moved on in leaps since then. What are your thoughts? – WWBB

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