BigAl’s Books and Pals: A Proper Charlie / Louise Wise

Yay! A Proper Charlie, my first attempt at a chick lit novel, was reviewed by Big Al Books and Pals. I was delighted with the result:

Charlie is a mess; she is cute, good natured, witty and terribly insecure.  She allows herself to be used by her on again/off again boyfriend Andy, in hopes that he will ask her to marry him. 

The author does a good job rounding out her characters, I found Charlie interesting and sad.  I really didn’t like her much, which made it hard for me to invest in her story.  I loved her best mate Milton, who was a bit overbearing, but he was just looking out for Charlie’s emotional welfare.  He also provided a lot of comic relief that I enjoyed.

Read more here: BigAl’s Books and Pals: A Proper Charlie / Louise Wise

A Proper Charlie 

She’s losing her job.

She’s losing her boyfriend.

She can only afford to eat spaghetti hoops on toast.

She’s called Charlie… or Charlotte, or ginger, ginge, Duracell,


Yet with all these odds against her, she pushes forward to

take the lead story on her paper at London Core. 

Shame no one knows. 
Shame she’s the office general assistant and not a real journalist.

Shame it’s on missing prostitutes and Charlie thinks pretending to be a ‘tart

with a heart’ will get her that story.

She doesn’t just get a story.

She becomes the starring role.

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