Dr. Donna Lee and her favourite waste of time …

I started to think about my favorite websites to visit, I was stuck. I never
realized that I have been taking it for granted the wealth of information now
available to society due to the internet. I am 41 years old. Yes, I can tell
people that I was an adult before the internet was invented and easily
accessible to everyone. 

The internet has become this wonderful place of
information available twenty four hours a day. I feel fortunate to be able to
do so much research at home. I teach wellness care to health care professionals’
part time. It is important to have access to medical data bases 24 hours a day.

I can stay in my pyjamas and access a
wealth of information about health, seminars and various topics without ever
leaving my home. I feel blessed that I can work in the middle of the night if I
am unable to sleep. Time is never wasted. 

Yes, we do have a lot of technology
available to us and we have to learn how to turn it off sometimes and tune into
our environment. We see people everywhere who can’t stop talking on their cell
phones. Our present day lifestyle has caused us to be comfortable with have so
much easy access to people and information. Everyone has a website. I can Google
any topic and find a seminar relating to that topic.

is so hard to decide which website is my favorite to visit. I visit so many
quite often. I have narrowed it down to Amazon as my favorite site. I love
Amazon because of the fact that I can buy just about everything I need. A lot of the individual sites that I like do have a store on Amazon. I
am able to have my payment information in one place instead of posting my
personal information on several sites which increases the risk of my personal
information being hacked.

love Amazon the most because it has made it possible for so many people to not
only buy goods but also has allowed the same access for an individual to sell
products to the masses. I personally know of several people who have made a
wonderful income from selling products on Amazon. 

Amazon has helped many people
to stay financially afloat in hard economic times. Many people have learned how
to work for themselves and have found great reward in self-employment because
of Amazon.

is a blessing to authors. Especially indie authors. I feel blessed that I can
self-publish a book and be able to have a market like Amazon that reaches the
masses in several countries.

Many indie authors are making a living selling
their books which is a dream come true. So many authors have tried to go the
traditional publishing route only to be rejected over and over. Some authors
have done so well on Amazon, which has made publishing companies take a second look
at their work and they have been offered book deals with large sign on bonus. Amazon
has leveled the writing field for both traditional published and indie authors.

I had to pick a second website I would pick Facebook because it has allowed me
to find old friends and to stay in touch with my family. Let’s face it that it
is impossible to have time to call everyone and have an individual conversation
which each person that we care about.
Link to Tour on Main Site 
great thing about Facebook is that individuals and companies can have a
business page which increases the opportunity to reach more people around the
world. I have benefitted from having a Facebook page. It has routed people back
to my website
www.drdonnalee.com. More people have been
visiting my website and reading my blogs.

I love blogging about personal and
spiritual growth issues. I enjoy writing about the topics that affect us on a
daily basis. I blog about every issue from relationships to boundaries.
Facebook has expanded my business and my exposure to people who did not know
that I existed.

I think of my favorite websites, I think about the site has more than one
benefit for people who use it. Amazon and Facebook have done so much for so
many people in so many ways. I feel grateful to live in a time that has allowed
me to live a convenient life. 

The Spirituality Trap – Dr. Donna Lee

The search for happiness and peace leads us down many paths. 

Often the path of spirituality is taken in order to seek healing and the ability to find relief from our problems. The key is to remain true to ourselves and to never lose compassion for our self and others.

Happiness is not achieved by denial of emotional pain but through finding balance with the good and the bad that comes with our life’s journey. 

Dr. Donna Lee about herself:

‘Ever since I was a young girl, I wanted to be a doctor. The reason why is because I thought that that was the only way that I could take care of people. At first, I pursued pre med which led me to to want to become more holistic. I decided to become a Chiropractor. While in Chiropractic school, I learned the most about myself. I was exposed to many people. My fellow students were from all around the world. I was no longer in my little bubble. I realized that every belief that I had about myself was not unique to me. My greatest life lesson is that everyone has a journey of self acceptance. Race, social class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc had no effect. We were all the same. Humans trying to get through life and search for happiness and peace.

While in Chiropractic School, my peers who were all so amazing with their various knowledge on different techniques and their openness to differences. They encouraged me to explore my intuitive self. I was uncomfortable but I did it and I knew it was who I really was. I knew from that point that I would finish Chiropractic school but I would take on a different career. Chiropractic opened up my world and changed my life.

After school, I decided to work as an intuitive. I was then led to spiritual coaching. I decided to get a doctorate in metaphysical sciences. I enjoy having a career of intuitive spiritual life coaching. I have clients all over the world that I coach on the phone. As I helped my clients, I was being healed. I learned so much about the human journey. I learned how to bring a new approach to helping people to learn compassion for themselves and others which will lead to healing and forgiveness.

My life has not been easy. I grew up very poor. I was a teen mom at age 13. I had my precious son for 23 years. I lost him when he was age 23. He had a brain tumor. He was the greatest gift in my life and the source of inspiration for me. By age 12, both of my parents had passed. I was in foster care. I had a brother murdered. I have siblings that I love but two that do not interact with the family. I was bit by a dog on my face and had to learn to speak again. I have experienced sexual and verbal abuse.

I am like everyone else. I am not a fluffy life coach without the true life experience. I had to learn to not feel cursed and to find a way to forgiveness for situations that I thought to be hurtful so that I can live a life without anger, hurt, bitterness or self destruction. I want to give people the same gift that I have due to coaching others. Compassion for myself and others.

I used techniques B.E.S.T. and PSYCH K to help myself remove limiting beliefs so that I could create a new perception of life. I spent so many years not understanding my personal power and how my beliefs and actions affected my quality of life. As I desired to change my perception of my life experience, I attracted techniques that would assist me in healing myself. As I healed myself, I attracted clients who wanted the to heal themselves and were also open to understanding their personal power. I constantly experienced more and more awareness.’

Visit Dr. Donna’s website at:
E-Mail: naturaldoctor2011@yahoo.com

Excerpt from Spirituality Trap by Dr Donna Lee 

Compassion for ourselves is about allowing ourselves to feel our emotional pain then validate it so that we can make peace with past issues that have caused us pain. The sad part is that many people try to push down their emotions so that they won’t appear weak. A lot of people try to put issues that hurt them somewhere in the back of their head so that they won’t have to feel those emotions. It does not work. It actually results in more anger and a lack of compassion for our self when we do not acknowledge that we have emotional issues that have affected our happiness.

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