Sock Puppets – WTF!

Sock Puppets

What the heck are sock puppets, right?
Well, have you ever run across an article or other document online that was
obvious self-promotion? Oh, the ‘writer’ might have had a different name, but
the intent was obvious, as was the bias. Those people who pose as an objective
third person to promote their own sites and products are called ‘sock puppets’.
They are obvious mouthpieces that serve only to promote their own interests.
There are three types of sock puppets out there.

1.      The Gusher
– These people will say stuff like ‘it is perfect’, the ‘best I’ve ever
seen/read/used’, and ‘I’ll never use anything else’. Obvious promotion in this
one. These people don’t even bother to hide the obsequious tone in their voice.
The only thing that’s hidden here is the author’s true name.

2.      The Researcher
– These people pretend to have done their homework. They’ll say things like
‘after extensive research’ or ‘after trying many similar products’ or ‘after
comparing the quality’. Don’t be fooled by a good vocabulary and a fancy turn
of phrase. They no more did research than the man in the moon.

3.      The Journalist
– Objectivity is the cause of the day with this type. They will give seemingly
objective and unbiased comments that are anything but. They will say things
like, ‘despite the price’, or ‘though there were some flaws, overall the
product was excellent’. They never point out any real flaws and always end up
endorsing the product above all others.

It is not hard to spot a sock puppet.
Watch the way they endorse the products, the language used, and the overly
enthusiastic approach. While self-promotion is not taboo, there are much better
and more transparent ways of going about it. Honestly, how good can the product
be if you have to pretend to be someone else to endorse it?

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