How to use Social Media to Promote your Books

How I Use
Social Media to Promote My Books


Diane Griffin

I have a very high powered career as CEO of a Security Company and
as an author.  I have written three books
to help parents protect their teens that text, use Facebook , and social media,
Text: Protecting Your Teens from the Dangers of Texting
, Protecting Your Teens on Facebook, and
Media Secrets Every Parent of College Bound 
Teens Must know.
 I not
only open their eyes to what dangers lurk on the Internet and texting, but also
tell the parents what to do about the problems and also how to protect
themselves.   Not everything is negative
about   the Internet and there are ways
for parents to help their teens use social media for their advantage, just as
authors can use social media to their advantage.

In the process of getting the word out about my book with the help of Assisting
Authors Online,  I have done the

1.      I have a new
website and blog,,
for the express purpose of advising parents on dealing with enormous challenges
that teens face in their interaction with Social Media.  I also guide them to find ways that Social
Media can help their teens in networking and getting into colleges of their
choice.  Every author should have a blog
to connect with potential readers.  It
can also publicize events to promote their books such as contests, book
signings. virtual tour schedules, and non-virtual book schedules, provide
resources, etc.  Every time I publish a
new post it goes to Facebook. Twitter, and many other social media sites, blog
directories and feeds. 

2.      I have a new
Facebook Timeline  Authors Page.  http://www.  Every author should have the reach and target
accuracy that Facebook  affords.  Facebook has a main page with a timeline
cover.  My cover publicizes my
books.  Underneath the cover is the app
strip.  I have used this to my full
advantage by asking people to like my page through the photos tab.  I have also added three tabs that link to
more pages (Facebook  calls extra  pages apps).

·   Welcome page :  People who have liked my page can sign up
for  extra information and tips.  They can enter my contest on this page
because it includes the contest form.

·      Website and
My entire
website is accessible on this page so fans do not have to leave Facebook to
read my blog or access anything on the website.

·    Books Page:  My actual Amazon Author Central Page was  brought into Facebook.  Here, the fans can find out more information
about me and there are direct links to my Amazon book pages to read reviews,
look inside the book, and purchase the books. The key here is that they never
have to leave Facebook.  Marketing research
shows that people would rather stay in one place especially to purchase
am planning to add a video page and possibly a Pinterest Page which will have
links to important resources.
3.      LinkedIn:   I am planning on having a LinkedIn group for
bring together Parents and teens that can share stories,  teach each other techniques, and ask for
advice, etc.  Having your own group on LinkedIn
can build an author’s reputation as an expert in their field.

Project:    I have a
comprehensive project that teachers and people who home school can use with the
teens as my books are directed towards parents. 
This project goes with the Safe Text book and is based on best practices
in education, learning targets, and national standards for education as well as
my book.  This project is free and can be
found on my website.  The project was
developed by Janis Friesler (CEO of Assisting Authors Online), an award winning
educator who specializes in project based learning.
So there you
have it.  This is the way I have used
social media to get the word out about my books and my brand.   Please comment below on how you use social
media.  Don’t forget to enter the
contest.  I have really enjoyed writing
this guest blog. Thank you, Louise for allowing me to share.

A series of books to keep your teens SAFE on the net

This is the first book in a series to help parents protect their teens from the dangers of technology and the Internet. Not only does the book describe the dangers and legal implications of texting, but also gives tools and information how to dialogue with teens about the dangers of texting. This is a very practical book. Also, there is a project to go with the book on Diane’s website that is based on best practices in education to help teens understand the dangers and how to deal with them. This project will include lesson plans for teachers and parents who home school their teens based on national educational standards and learning targets. There is a video book review on the Amazon purchase page for Safe Text. Click on the link below to learn more about the book and view the review.

This is the second book in a series of books to help parents protect their teens from the dangers of the Internet, texting, and social media sites. This book is about Facebook. Not only does it spell out the dangers of Facebook for teens but also the positives. It describes the problems and actually tells parents what to do about them. The book gives links to a good amount of useful resources. 
Have a teen planning to go to college? This is the book for you. It is a book to help parents and teens use Social Media to help the student get into college. It describes the traps that might have an adverse effect on admittance into a college. The most popular social media sites are described as well as some newer sites that a becoming more popular. This is a must have book if you want to help your teen capture an advantage in being accepted to the college of their choice. There is a video book review on the Amazon purchase page for Social Media Secrets. Click on the link below to learn more about the book and view the review.

Diane Griffin is the founder and President of Security First & Associates. Ms. Griffin works with a variety of clients throughout the Security industry. Ms. Griffin has also worked in a wide array of fields to include training, facilitation, communications, human resources and industrial security management and Ms. Griffin is the current Chapter Chair for National Classification Management Society (NCMS), Chapter 26.

Diane’s expertise in the security field and her experience as an author of books on Security Clearances helped her make a natural transition to security issues for teens and their parents.

According to Ms. Griffin, Social Media is the way to communicate with teenagers today. Parents have a lot to learn when it comes to the behaviors of their children online. To help parents and teachers understand today’s teenager, Diane Griffin has written several books on the topic of Social Media and your teens. She also has a helpful blog that gives good advice about the subject and valuable resources for parents
and teens on the subject of internet and phone safety on her site Take advantage of a security expert to help you manage this important process in your child’s life.

Link to Tour


Diane is giving away a Kindle Fire and two Amazon Gift certificates. Any host or member of the Assisting Authors Online Book Review Team will get 15 entries to the contest if they review one of the books and put the review up on Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari and the hosts site. Readers will get 10 entries for a review posted as previously stated. There are also other ways to get entries. The reviews must be up by May 11 to help us get ready for the Launch on May 15.

Here is the code for the contest:


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