The line-up for May on Wise Words

It’s almost May! Summer is around the corner for old Blighty. We’ve a hosepipe ban already, so you’d think it would be Vitamin D all round, wouldn’t you? Ha! This is England, probably the only country where you’d get rain, drizzle and more rain and a hosepipe ban simultaneously!

Love it!

This month the theme is OPEN. The touring authors can write whatever they like!

First up is an interview with John Hudspith, the author of Kimi’s Secret, and a review of his very excellent children’s fantasy on The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Reviews 

Then, on May 6th Diane Griffin author of Protect your Teens, followed by Acicia Beumer and Aaron Slaton on May 9th. Pandora Poikilos will be spotlighting her novel on May 11th, which sounds very exciting. 

Hillary Peak, on the 16th May, tells us how she’s enjoying the Facebook experience, and then on 18th Virgil Moore and his book Demon Vampire is dropping by with his guest post. Ray Gorham comes next, followed by Kristy Taylor with their guest posts (and no, I don’t know what they are about!)

Last, but not least, is Christine Agro with her non-fiction 50 Ways to Live Life Consciously. I wonder what she’ll be guest posting about?

I, for one, am looking forward to May!

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