Review please!

Just to inform you guys that I have a new review blog!

I read a lot of indie books lately (due to Father Christmas bringing me a Kindle), and knowing that it’s hard getting your indie book reviewed I thought why not make a review blog?

I’m not there to patronise though. If it’s good I’ll say so, if it’s rubbish I’ll say so too.

6 thoughts on “Review please!

  1. I'm on your Wise Words blog soon for a guest post, but if you're interested in reviewing either of my books, I can gift you a Kindle copy. The two books are Gallagher's Pride and Alaina Claiborne.


  2. Thanks Louise!

    The book will be available for free download Friday March 2nd and Saturday March 3rd ^_^

    Myna (Thayer Berlyn)


  3. Hi Melissa, I joined your blog (very professional!) and will join in with the tagging/questions soon. I think the google friends gadget is broken

    Myna, sounds like fun. Let me know when it's “free” and I'll download it. And yes, I can post the review to Amazon – anywhere you like, in fact 🙂


  4. Hi Louise~

    I'd love to have you review “The Evangeline Heresy”. There is a link to Amazon on my blog site for you to preview the work and see if it is something you might be interested in reading/reviewing. I think (hope!) I've corrected the inadvertent typographical errors one reader/reviewer pointed out. I have a couple of free Kindle download days coming up, so if you are interested, I can let you know.

    I read some of the reviews on your link. I thought you reviewed the books very professionally. Do you place the reviews on Amazon as well? I know that this helps authors also, especially independents.

    Thanks 🙂
    Myna (Thayer Berlyn)


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