Are you waiting too long to market your book?

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Cindi Maciolek

Your fingers
tingle as they touch the very first copy of your newly published book. Your
heart races, your head spins. Excitement rushes through your body.

“I’ve written a
magnificent tome. It will go viral and sell itself!”


I’m amazed when
I speak with authors awaiting the arrival of a new book. Some are lucky enough
to not only have an agent, but a traditional publisher. Very often, the
excitement wanes when they realize the book will be here shortly and their
thoughts turn to marketing.

“I’m not quite
sure what will happen once the books are out.”


Marketing is
more than wishful thinking, tweeting or blogging. Fact is, it begins before you
even write the first word. The characters, the location, the era, the breadth
or depth of content, even the cover design play a role in attracting your
target reader.

Here are a few
thoughts to put you ahead of the game.
  •  Market far in advance of the release. Many authors, including myself, don’t like to share too much about their work until the first draft is complete. However, there must be something you can promote at least six months to two years ahead. If you don’t care to divulge too much, think of interesting teasers to keep your audience attentive.
  • Market to a broader audience. It’s possible to reach beyond your intended market simply by making a minor change to your book. Or, expand your thinking and recognize the book as-is will appeal to an additional market. When I wrote Divatiel: Reflections of a bird’s companion, most people assumed I was writing it for other bird lovers. In fact, I want everyone who loves animals to enjoy the read, a much broader market, and I adjusted the content accordingly.
  • Expand your circle of early readers to market your book. The novel I’m currently writing is clearly aimed at a female audience. Yet, I have a male reader who has provided valuable feedback. Not only has he helped to make it a better book, he will no doubt tell everyone he knows just how much he enjoyed it.
  • Utilize the book cover to your advantage. I had the cover of my book designed over a year before I held printed copies in my hand. It attracted a lot of attention. A cockatiel wearing a tiara certainly piques interest.
  • Forage for media contacts. It can sometimes take months to reach an editor, a celebrity or a producer. If you wait until your book arrives, you’re practically old news. Put together your media list far in advance, and work it, work it, work it!

 We writers are a passionate lot, but early marketing
can lead to even greater success.

Cindi Maciolek is a writer and business consultant, whose previously published works include Java Jems: 5 Minute Inspirations for Busy People and The Basics of Buying Art. She’s also a contributing author to the books Life Choices: Pursuing Your Passion and Life Choices: It’s Never Too Late. Maciolek has written numerous articles for the luxury marketplace, including the Robb Report and Luxury Las Vegas. Maciolek lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Meet Cindi on the web:
Twitter: @cindimaciolek and @divatiel
Cindi Maciolek – Writer.
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Can four ounces of feathers and
personality change a person’s life?
She can if she’s
the Divatiel!
Reflections of a bird’s companion will tug at your heart strings and bring a smile to any animal lover 
Cindi was looking
for a roommate, and finally settled on a fine-feathered friend who was a gift
from a co-worker. What she got was a loving, intelligent, fun, free-spirited,
demanding – Jaké.
ter recovering
from illness that put her near death’s door, Jaké healed and was let out of the
cage so she could spread her wings. She lived her life with gusto. Jaké took
risks, used her intelligence to her advantage and loved unconditionally. She
took charge, not only over her surroundings but over her owner as well.
Luckily, she had a cooperative Mommy in Cindi.
 Not only was she
demanding, Jaké did things some humans have never done. She flew on an airplane
several times, went on numerous road trips and ate fresh vegetables daily.
Jaké lived a very
long life and had many adventures along the way, most of which are captured in
this book.
Jaké was first a
gift to William, then a gift to Cindi, and now a gift to the world.

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