BOGOF offer on Aaron Drew’s novel Light Under the House

For TODAY ONLY, when you purchase Light Under the House by Aaron Drew for just $.99 on, with your proof of purchase, Aaron will gift you another book of your choice valued at the same price of $.99, (exluding Erotica). That’s 2 books for the price of 1! So jump on the bandwagon and go get yourself some awesome books!
Send Proof of Purchase to with your Amazon receipt number, and the book of your choice (title and link) and preferred email. Once it’s been verified, Aaron will gift you your book and send you a personal note of thanks.

Available at Amazon for $.99 

The Levi family has a
secret lying just beneath their house that could potentially ruin them. Light Under the House by Aaron L. and Donna
, a story-telling duo that readers are certain to come to love,
chronicles the lives of the Levi family for a generation, taking readers on an
exciting and thought-provoking journey that is certain to leave them with
profound lessons and meaning. This page-turning story is set in the late 1960s
during a period of cultural rebellion, with a flashback to biblical times, as
well as a flash-forward to the 1980s and the present (2005). There is an
ancient evil that will stop at nothing to uncover the secret that the Levi
family is hiding.

The events of this
allegoric novel are interwoven within several themes that create cohesion for
the story. Messages of courage, forgiveness, faith, the power of consequence,
and the hope of redemption are all found within the pages of Light Under the House.

Light Under the House stands out
from other novels of its genre, establishing Aaron L. and Donna Dawson as true
masters of their craft. The fusion of a riveting plot with compelling characters
and deep thematic elements takes this novel out of the sphere of the ordinary,
catapulting it into the sphere of the true literature. The story found within
its pages is certain to leave a lasting impression on readers, as it is simply

Night Secrets by BK Walker will also be given for
FREE with proof of each purchase of Light Under The House.

PictureAaron L might be a newcomer
to the creation of fiction but is not one when it comes to the arts and all
things creative. Growing up in places from Seattle to South Africa, he spent a
lot of his time drawing. Aaron always knew that his future lay in a creative
field. In 2010, he graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in
graphic design. Although the usual application of this degree is in the
creation of different types of art and design, Aaron chose instead to focus his
creative skills on the task of storytelling. He lives near Chicago,
See his website at 

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