Film Director, Guy Magar, shares his behind the scenes moments of Hollywood!

Front CoverKiss Me Quick Before I Shoot
is an unconventional memoir because it deals with diverse topics such as the
magic of making movies and the magic of finding true love. I’ve been blessed to
have had such a kaleidoscope of experiences starting as a child in Egypt and
immigrating to America, growing up in New York and learning to speak English,
going to college at an incendiary political time in the country (late ‘60s),
and then setting myself on such an unlikely journey to become a film director
in Hollywood. That career adventure was a story I always wished to share
because it’s been rich with wild and crazy experiences such as my first
producer turning out to be a real Mafia assassin, almost decapitating Drew
Barrymore right after ET, and coming
close to derailing James Cameron’s career though he is so talented I doubt
anyone could have altered his storied destiny. Everyone loves to look behind
the curtain of the movie world and this memoir takes you there on a very
personal experience like no other.

Regarding the title, “Kiss me quick before
I shoot”
was my welcoming catchphrase to my wife Jacqui whenever she
visited on-set, seemingly always just before I rolled cameras. And so this book
is also about a deeper magic, the magic of finding your soulmate, your life
Finding true love for me is all about falling in love
with Jacqui, and having a costumed Camelot wedding where I got to duel for her
hand (a la Errol Flynn) in a romantic
Renaissance celebration that has blossomed to this day, twenty-nine years
later. This journey was also worthy of telling due to the extreme dramatic turn
of Jacqui suddenly being diagnosed with leukemia three years ago.

That unique medical journey to heal her through a cutting-edge clinical trial
was a triumphant story of the human spirit – of her great courage – that deserved
to be shared with the world. Everyone knows someone with cancer, and so I
wanted to write a book about our experience that would inspire folks to get
through their illness. For me, the grateful feedback from caregivers and cancer
patients has been the most emotionally satisfying response to this memoir and
the 18-month writing journey it required. It took me longer to write this book
than any movie I ever made.

I wanted this memoir to be a good friend with which you curl up with while
sipping a hot chocolate because writing this memoir was a celebration of life. For
me, it’s about following your dreams and making them come true. And that’s
magical, as it is for all of us, and I wished to share that universal
commonality. I encourage my readers to be inspired to celebrate their own
unique life experiences. It was my desire and hope that by sharing my magic it
would inspire folks to reflect, to take the time to appreciate their own great
life journeys. We are all so busy living life and dealing with our daily
challenges that most of the time we don’t take a time out to celebrate our own
magic of being alive. This is why the last parting line in my book is “Dare to
dream…I did. From one magician to another: Peace.”
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ace to all fellow writers and visitors.

Guy Magar was nine years
old when he left Egypt in 1958. His family immigrated to the U.S., where he
grew up in Middletown, NY. Graduating from Rutgers University, Guy began his
film career at the London Film School. Soup Run, his first short won a
Special Jury Prize at the 1974 San Francisco Film Festival.

In 1978, Guy relocated to Los Angeles to attend the American Film
Institute.  His first short, Once Upon an Evening (made for $500)
got him a 7-year deal at Universal Studios. Guy went on to earn over 100
film production credits including episodes of La Femme Nikita, Sliders, The
A-Team, Blue Thunder, Fortune Hunter, The Young Riders
, Lawless, Our Family Honor, Hunter, and the
CBS pilot/MOW Dark Avenger. He also directed 35 shows of the
daytime drama Capitol      

Guy’s feature
film credits include Lookin’ Italian (starring
“Friends” Matt LeBlanc and singer Lou Rawls in their first film); Stepfather
which launched HBO’s World Premiere Series; and the cult thriller Retribution
which will be released for the first time on DVD on its 25th anniversary in
summer 2012. His recent feature is Children of the Corn: Revelation
based on Stephen King’s original story.       

Guy is
founder of the Action/Cut Filmmaking Seminars, which for the last ten years,
has provided the acclaimed “page to screen” 2-day educational
industry workshop. Action/Cut has taught thousands of filmmakers
during seminar tours which include most major USA cities. His seminar
is available as the acclaimed Action/Cut Home Film Course 12-hour DVD Collection.

Guy is the founder
of the annual Action/Cut Short Film Competition, which provides an opportunity
for young filmmakers to showcase their talents. Action/Cut was one of the
first to stream films on the Internet, which can be viewed year-round on its
website. MovieMaker reviewed Action/Cut as one of the “Top 10
Shorts Festival in the World for Filmmakers!”          

Guy has launched the
marketing of his Hollywood memoir Kiss me
Quick Before I Shoot
and looks forward to promoting it throughout 2012. Guy
writes a popular blog at the book’s website and welcomes visitors to share it,
and where there are links to purchase the memoir in various formats. He lives
in the Hollywood Hills with Jacqui, his beautiful wife of 28 years. 

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3 thoughts on “Film Director, Guy Magar, shares his behind the scenes moments of Hollywood!

  1. Guy you've definitely accomplished Kiss Me Quick Before I Shoot feeling like a great friend. I loved it! Thanks for hosting today Louise. If you haven't read Guy's book yet, you should. Fantastic read.


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