I’ve been feeling rather special this week…

First, I had a pretty good review from Samantha Ropey at Chick Lit + and then I was interviewed in Prue Batten’s Big Red Chair. Wow. I’ll be wearing dark shades and dodging paps soon! Well, maybe not, but still feeling special all the same.

Part of Samantha Ropey’s review had this to say: I had a lot of fun reading A Proper Charlie by Louise Wise. It almost reminds me of Prince William/Kate Middleton, with the backgrounds being so different yet they are obviously in love. Charlie is so likeable, sometimes a little dense, especially when it comes to her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend, Andy. There is one hilarious sex scene in the book with Charlie and Andy that absolutely had me cracking up!

Read the rest here

You can find Chick Lit +, and all other reviews, competitions and lots more at:  http://chicklitplus.com/

The interview was conducted by fantasy writer Prue Batten; she allowed me to sit in her comfy red chair and got down and personal with me. Sounds rude. Asked me lots of personal questions. It was quite therapeutic! 

You can find the interview here. While you’re there, why not check out the rest of her Mesmered’s Blog? Did I say she writes awesome fantasy…

5 thoughts on “I’ve been feeling rather special this week…

  1. It was a pleasure to interview you, Louise. Every writer on Big Red Chair has such a thought provoking statement somewhere in their answers and you are no exception. I hope to build a Best Of.. later in the year.


  2. I loved your book too! When asked if I know any chick lit UK writers your name is the first one out of my mouth. My next book an urban fantasy I was told has a lot of chick lit in it. If you want a copy of Haunted Bedtime Stories let me know sweetie! Oh yes, you so need posh sunglasses!


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