All Write – Fiction Advice: Confidence in Fiction Writing

All Write – Fiction Advice: Confidence in Fiction Writing

Confidence in Fiction Writing

There will come a point when every writer’s confidence slips, or they hit a barrier (usually physiological) and in turn, it affects their writing and they find themselves trapped by self-doubt.

Usually this is a short lived blip and writers pick themselves up and get back to writing, but on a more serious note, some writers cannot return to writing at all because their confidence has been shattered.

So what makes a writer lose confidence?

  • Negative feedback on a writing piece
  • Rejection
  • Family and friends
  • Ourselves

Firstly, you may have given your work to a peer, teacher, or fellow writer for feedback on your manuscript or story, but sometimes the comments are not very constructive.

Critiques, for instance, are designed to find flaws with your writing and help you improve to become a better writer. Good critiques should be constructive and helpful, however when they are overly negative without the support to correct the errors in your writing, this can severely knock your confidence.

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One thought on “All Write – Fiction Advice: Confidence in Fiction Writing

  1. Hi Louise!!

    This is sooooo true about an author needing confidence. As you read on my blog, there are so many factors that could discourage you and get your mind off track!! Great article and great blog!!

    T Denise Clary 🙂


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