Author spotlight with Kevin Villegas

The greatest empire the world has ever known stands on the brink of destruction.
A powerful invasion from the east coupled with an influx of spies and saboteurs threatens to destroy the Empire of Kirmar. 
The Sunwright family has defended Kirmar for over nine hundred years. The head of the family have mysteriously disappeared; leaving their children to defend the Empire without guidance for the first time. 
Will the Sunwright children be able to pull together enough strength to save their beloved Empire? 
Will the Empire of Kirmar, which has stood for over nine hundred years, finally be swept away? 
Find out in book one of The Sunwright Chronicles.
The Women of “The Sunwright Chronicles – Empire at War”
Kevin Villegas talks to us about The Sunwright Chronicles: Empire at War.
“When it comes to women characters in EMPIRE AT WAR you won’t find the damsel in distress. Instead what you’ll find are strong robust women who are ready to take charge. The women of EMPIRE AT WAR are the far cry from the weak helpless women often portrayed in classic fantasy. There are two reasons for the strength of the female characters in EMPIRE AT WAR. One is I like to write strong female characters that don’t need to rely on a man. Second is in the society of Kirmar strong women are admired, especially in the upper class. There is a good reason for this.

When the Empire of Kirmar was founded by Alidius his wife the Elven Princess Tianna was not one to sit down and let her husband rule alone, while she sat patiently knitting something cute in the corner. Tianna was an active participant in ensuring the stabilization of the young empire. It was often said she was the co-ruler of Kirmar. Together Alidius and Tianna formed the foundation of the Empire, an Empire that has endured for nine hundred years.

Tianna taught her daughters to be strong and aggressive, to not back down and to help keep the empire their mother and father created healthy and strong. The lessons were passed down from mother to daughter. When Claudia the first Empress of Kirmar took the throne nearly four hundred years after the founding of the Empire, there was no doubt of her ability to rule. Kirmar is a rare jewel in the world of Tera that allows all girls to attend school and encourages development and advancement for both men and women.” 

You can visit the strong women of Kirmar in “The Sunwright Chronicles – Empire at War” at Amazon

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