The Chakra Diaries by Becca Chopra

The Chakra Diaries
The Chakra Diaries
by Becca Chopra
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Don’t you often wonder about the lives of others in your yoga or dance class? What is the tubby woman at the back of the class really thinking? Does the lone man in his spandex clothes feel as stupid as he looks? Is the woman running the class as confident as she appears?

Well, even though the blurb of the Chakra Diaries reads like a self-help book it gives you a chance to dip into the lives of such characters including chubby but lovely Estella, abused Sarah and also including the narrator Rebecca who runs the new age spirituality (Chakra) classes. You also learn a great deal about the Hindu chakra practice and how it can affect/help your life.

The Chakra Diaries was extremely well written, and my only criticism is that I’d have liked more time to stay with the characters before it finished. Hopefully, the author Becca Chopra will write a sequel?

My favourite line in the book was: `Matt had no need to be a man, she had enough balls for both of them’, which made me laugh, and you’ll find plenty to laugh about with the Chakra Diaries. It is both funny and ponderous.

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