Wise Words and Witty Expressions

“Youth is wasted on the young.” Ain’t that the truth! With age comes experience, and with experience comes knowledge, so what a better way than a book full of expressions from two wise old people to guide you through the perils of life?

Renee Gatz says, “The book is a collection of all the wisdom my parents imparted on me through the use of expression to help me navigate life’s ups and downs. The expressions found in my book are profound, funny and even sarcastic and they have all come back to me at the appropriate moments in my life to help me understand, laugh and survive.”Is this your debut novel, how’s it doing?
Yes, it came out in September 2009 and considering I have a full time job and I am doing this without additional staff, I would say, yes, it is doing very well. 

What kind of things have you been doing to promote it?
I have done multiple speaking engagements garnered press and a review from Irish America magazine, which has a national audience. I am now also writing a monthly article for the Irish American Cultural Institute’s monthly member newsletter about the power of Irish Wisdom.The newsletter I am writing for is a members only newsletter so there is no link unfortunately. 

Ah, Irish wisdom. Did your grandparents emigrate to America from Ireland?
My grandmother came from County Mayo and met my grandfather in New York.  Not sure if he immigrated or was already in the U.S.

Have you ever been to Ireland?
I have been to Ireland and to an Irish wedding while there.  The country is beautiful and the people are warm and welcoming. 

I saw a beautiful picture of you and your mother in the book, I bet she’s very proud of you. What does she think about the book?
My mother is a humble person. She credits my grandmother with these expressions and just feels as if she is passing on to me what she learned from her mother. Very Irish response.

Can you tell us a little about it?
It is a collection of all the expressions my parents said to me growing up to help me navigate my way through life’s ups and downs. I have always been amazed at their way of coming back to me at the right moment to help me laugh, understand or just survive.

How does it compare with other novels?
My book is not a novel but a collection expressions that help you keep life in perspective. What is different about my book is that is not a book you set aside after reading it but rather a book you keep on hand to refer to when life gets to big or too small.

What audience is the book intended?
My book would be appropriate for all audiences from the junior high school age up.

How long did it take you to write it, and how many drafts?
About a year to write the manuscript and too many drafts to count. I began writing down the expressions to see how many I could get. Initially, I got a large number of them but knew there were more. In order to remember them, I needed a reminder to recall them. For example, something in a movie, TV show event at the office or just as I was going about my day would trigger a memory of an expression.

It’s a lovely way to remember your parents. Will you be writing another book?

Yes, I have another idea for a book and kids version for my existing book. I would like to look at the expressions I have in my current book and adapt them for children. I have not started the draft of the book as yet so I have not gotten to the point of considering how to get this book published as yet.
Do you have an agent?

I have not bothered to look for one yet. I attended the Book Expo in New York and spoke with a few with no progress. Given my limited amount of time, that would be a time consuming task and I am doing well myself in getting the word out.

Who are you published with, and what are they like to work with?
Woodpecker Press. I found them through my NJ Chapter of the Assoc for Women in Communications. I was their first client but did not feel it was risky since we were both members of the same organization. They weren’t too expressive and did a great job getting the printer, the artist, formatting the book, getting the ISBN number and introducing me to the media company that helped me with my website.

So, you’re not a full time writer. What is your “real life” job, and how do you fit in all your writing?
I have a full time job working as a marketing communications manager for a financial technology company. I write around it, in the evening and weekends.

Do you have any writing experience?
I do writing in my full time role as a marketing communications manager. I have a degree in business management and have worked in this role for 15 plus years. I have outlined one book and given thought to do a child’s version of my existing book.

And that’s what you’re working on now?
Only that’s it’s non-fiction. I am not ready to reveal the nature of the book as yet. 

For a “look inside” snippet of Wise Words and Witty Expressions, click on this link: Here.

Renee Gatz is the author of a newly released self-published book, Wise Words and Witty Expressions. The book is a collection of all the wisdom her parents imparted on her through the use of expression to help her navigate life’s ups and downs.
The expressions found in the book are profound, funny and even sarcastic and they have all come back at appropriate moments in her life to help her understand, laugh and survive.

 A fun book focused on keeping life in perspective by inspiring peace in you and others.
Twitter @reneegatz

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