Written a book?

Now let’s get it into libraries!

I’ve a simplistic idea on how to get our POD books into libraries and therefore “out there”. It will be a matter of trust on individuals but if we all pull together this could work.

If I list all POD books here. Others writers can request them at the library (costs nothing).
If you are interested in taking part put the title of your book and author name and ISBN number in the comments page, and I’ll get to work devising a plan of action.

Be sure to register for Public Lending Rights (UK), to recieve payment.

What is Public Lending Rights?

6 thoughts on “Written a book?

  1. @ Stephanie: “How does this work for non-UK authors?”

    I've really no idea. Do non-UK authors not get paid for books being taken out of libraries? I find that hard to believe. Surely, if I asked for your book in *my* library you'd get a percentage?

    Does anyone know the equivalent of PLR for non-UK?


  2. Fabulous idea! How does this work for non-UK authors?

    Shades of Gay is not yet published, though it will be within a couple of months. ISBN # 978-0-9816459-2-6

    Winter's Silence, however, is available now (and makes a great Christmas/Chanukah gift for those who like to shop ahead of time). ISBN:978-0981645902
    Available at: http://www.amazon.com/Winters-Silence-Chanukah-Story-Heart/dp/0981645909/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1282334042&sr=8-3



  3. Oh so simple and yet just a perfect plan Louise.
    I'll have a crack at anything. In fact I was considering putting it in our local library just to gauge interest.
    Eye of Erasmus by Teresa Geering. My blog is https.//blogspot.com


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