Startling Adventures Magazine

Startling Adventures Magazine.

Space Travels! Rogue Robots! Weird Fiction! Sword & Sorcery! The Devil himself! by Daniel Leal Werneck, Anthony Abelaye, Colin Peters, Eric Orchard, Jonathan Wallace
Illustrated by Eric Orchard
Photographs by Richard Parry-Jones, Jo Qatana
Cover design or artwork by Daniel Werneck

A collection of short stories inspired by pulp fiction of the early XX century. Created by independent writers working together thanks to the modern advancements of telecommunications. We are open for submissions.

What is ‘Startling Adventures Magazine’?
It is a self-published magazine about pulp fiction culture with a contemporary edge. It features both fiction and other related materials.

What is your definition of “pulp”?
Imagine if punk rock was fiction instead of music. Simple structures, deep meanings. It could be something like Raymond Chandler or Arthur Conan Doyle, or Edgar Rice Burroughs, but the other Burroughs is fine too, and so are William Gibson, Harlan Ellisson, Hunter S. Thompson, Jack Kerouac, Henry Miller, Frank Miller, Ernest Hemingway, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby… B-movies that range from Republic serials to “King Kong” to “Easy Rider” and “Vanishing Point”. Batman. Diabolik. Dracula. “Star Wars”. Harry Potter on crack. Ramones, The Clash, Iron Maiden. Samuel Fuller.

What kind of submissions do you accept?
Anything goes, as long as we can print it: short stories, novelettes, haiku, poetry, theatre plays, radio scripts, film scripts; illustrations, comics, vintage advertising. We also accept stories about themes related to the pulp world in general, like biographies of writers, the history of certain genres, etc.

I like to write/draw but I suck at it. Will you reject me? I’m very sensitive.
The main goal of our magazine is to showcase new talents, so we’re not looking for so-called “professional” shit. We also want to publish things that no one else would, so be brave and bold. Also, we are a community of artists, so instead of putting each other down, we help each other to improve, so if we don’t like your material at first, instead of just saying no, it’s more likely we will discuss it with you and help you improve it. Also, we send our magazine to several pulp fiction experts for reviews, so it’s up to them to criticize your work, not to us.

How much are you going to pay me?
We have no money and no advertising, but we do out best to pay you with actual money somehow. Startling Adventures Magazine gives their writers and artists a discount over the cover price, so you can resell the books yourself and make some profit out of them. The more books you sell, the more money you will make. Also, the magazine send complimentary copies to blogs and companies that deal with pulp fiction, so your name and your work will end up in blog posts and such.

How much do I have to pay to be on the magazine?
Nothing. All the expenses of putting the magazine out at such a low price are paid by The Editor. He also takes care of the design, covers, etc. All by himself. Alone. Between 1 and 4 am.

What are the submission deadlines?
We have no deadlines. We’re trying to put a new magazine out every 2 or 3 months, but you can send your material any time.

Who are the Pulp Rebels?
The Pulp Rebels are an international terror group that seeks to destroy all civilization as we know it and then rebuild the world with cheap fun books and oil painting covers.

Where do I send the submissions?
We accept stories, poetry, theater plays, illustrations, comics… whatever you want to send us, as long as it feels pulpy somehow. Horror, suspense, crime, airplanes, kinky sex, weird stuff, World War I, other planets… you decide!

Send them over to:


The idea is to put independent fiction work down on paper so people can read them like in the good old days: riding the bus to work, waiting for an airplane, or waiting on the welfare line.

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