Marion L Tomas

Marian L. Thomas    
Best-Selling Author

Many have heard Marian speak passionately about child abuse and the lasting effects it can have for generations to come. Her message is simple: prevention is possible but we must first understand the characteristics of child molesters in order to actively teach and protect our children. She hopes that her book although fiction, will motivate and inspire communities, individuals and parents to become engaged in the issues of child abuse rather than react its after affects.
Marian is a supporter of victims of child abuse and has worked with the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy contributing 15% of the proceeds from her book to help children of abuse become survivors.

Color Me Jazzmyne is both contemporary fiction and literary entertainment that focusing on character and plot development. Poetic and filled with melodious tones, it derives its inspiration from the real life experiences that many woman and children of abuse face. It is emotional, captivating and sparked with the elements of reality to make a true reader connection.Author Website:

Originally from Chicago, but currently resides in Atlanta with her biggest supporter-her husband and their spoiled but playful dog-Winston. Marian received her Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Business Communication, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Marian began her journey to publication over twenty-years ago with a Atlanta College paper. Her debut title Color Me Jazzmyne recently landed a #1 position on Amazon’s bestseller list. It was released six months ago as an audio book on

Color Me Jazzmyne is available at:
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Color Me Jazzmyne
How do you tell your son that your father is his? That is the question that Naya Moná must answer as she confronts a son she hasn’t seen since birth. Filled with a jazz singers heart, a flair for Rhythm and a ear for Blues, the drama in her life unveils as she is forced to go back into her past. Back to the time when her father’s touch is no longer innocent, her friends aren’t whom they appear to me and the love of her life is nothing more than a perfectly polished pair black leather shoes.
A true must read!

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