Paper Wings by Linda Sargent Kentish woodland; hot, endless days of summer; a strange and touching friendship… Ruby and Peter think of the woods as their own: a place for adventure, for plans and projects, for secrets. But when Ruby is hurt in an accident, they find that a stranger is hiding there: Gabriel, a man haunted by wartime guilt and by the loss of ideals. Soon an alliance is formed – but others are watching, and the children unwittingly provoke long-held resentments, bringing themselves and Gabriel into danger.
Atmospheric and beautifully-realised, Paper Wings is a grown-up story about childhood, bringing innocence and experience into dramatic conflict.

Linda Sargent’s Website
Reviews for Paper Wings

Also the author of Outreach and Partnerships one of the guides in RESOURCE’S Disability Portfolio (The Council for Museums, Archives and Libraries), and which can be down-loaded free. Another link will take you to The Disability Portfolio (a collection of twelve guides on how best to meet the needs of the disabled). 

Linda also contributed a chapter to The Handbook of Creative Writing edited by Steve Earnshaw, which has the “look inside” element at Amazon. In the past eight years Linda works for a publisher in Oxford.

Linda currently has short stories in three collections: What’s Cool About School and Give Me Some Space are collections of stories for children edited by Kate Agnew

Lines in the Sand is a collection of stories on the theme of war by a wide range of contributors including both well-known authors and school children. All proceeds from sales go to UNICEF.

 Linda aims to enhance people’s quality of life by means of education and to train others to do so, so it may be worth paying a visit to Linda’s website.

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